If I don’t have the opportunity to cook may I check the breakfast habit off anyways?

Albane W.
Sometimes my breakfast is something easy like a granola bar or something to-go. It's hard for some to eat once they just woke up. So I think its okay to just check off the mark, but allow yourself to eat in the mornings.
Rom C.
Well, cooking is not just the only way to do breakfast. You can do food aside from cooking. Oats are one food for breakfast for example, that does not need cooking.
Jules Z.
No my dear, you promised yourself you'd eat breakfast. It doesn't have to be a fancy cooked breakfast. It can be yogurt and fruit or pop a bagel in the toaster and put peanut butter or your favorite spread with some fruit. Instant oatmeal will also give a good breakfast and put nuts, fruit, raisins, etc. in it. Get some tea varities that are healthy and have those in place of coffee sometimes. Happy eating!
Elaine U.
It is not important if you cook or not, yet it is crucial to eat a healthy breakfast. Eat the breakfast, check the habit. Don't eat the breakfast, don't check the habit. It is as simple as that. Cooking is optional, in my opinion, as long as you have healthy elements in your breakfast.
Bary N.
I don’t usually cook I just grab one of the snacks that I have but I want to focus on cooking eggs every day. So as long as you are eating something it’s fine
Claudia P.
Well, you can have an easy on-the-go breakfast. If you do, you can check it off. If you have not eaten anything at all and started the day eating lunch then don’t check it off.
Julian I.
Simply put, no. You don't have to cook in order to have breakfast. If you don't have breakfast everyday yet, it's best to eat anything, just to get you in the habit. Remember, baby steps. Don't check it off, it will make checking anything else off worthless in your minde and ruin your whole journey. Keep up the good work!
Jewels N.
I personally still check it off even if I didn’t have an entire meal, as long as I got something in my stomach for the morning
Storm X.
No, not until you eat something in the morning. Doesn’t have to be “healthy healthy” can be cereal or even toast. It’s about starting you metabolism for the day.