What do you eat before a workout and how much time before do you eat?

M Line Z.
I tend to work out in the evening after work, say around 1800. With that in mind I usually have a high protein snack around 1600, so I don’t have a full stomach come workout time. My snacks are usually a protein yogurt, sardines, beef jerky, or an apple with almond/peanut butter. I also make sure I am drinking water throughout the afternoon.
Malgorzata O.
I don’t work out, but from what I’ve seen fro my friends is they always go for a banana or peanut butter something light to prevent muscle cramping.
Miriam W.
I exercise for just a couple of minutes at home after I wake up and drink some water and I eat after the exercise. It's hard to exercise on a full stomach and will slow digestion and make you feel bloated so wait for at least 1-1.5 h before exercising.
Melquisedeque B.
If training in the morning I don’t eat, if in the evening I leave about 2 hours before I workout it makes me feel sick if I’m full when I train. But each person is different so listen to your body and do what works for you 🙂 you got this!
Jana I.
If I train early in the morning, I don't eat anything. When I do it during the day, I have complete meals and train after a couple of hours, if I'm hungry before starting, I eat a protein bar.
Sandra E.
Hello! Since I practice Capoeira and it's a strong sport, I usually eat some rice with parmesan to have a great supply of carbohydrates and feel energized!
Ludmilla Y.
Usually something light such as a cereal bar is enough to get through the workout. If I do eat a meal such as breakfast or lunch, I give it at least 45 minutes to an hour before pushing myself hard exercising
Noemie S.
I like to exercise on an empty stomach so that I burn my fat sotres rather than what's being absorbed from my food. But if I were to eat I would have a banana or something small with a coffee half an hour before my exercise.
Raul Q.
I usually eat something that has protein like a piece of toast and peanut butter so that it doesn’t make me super full but fills me up till after lunch. Plus you don’t want to get a sore stomach cause you are to much. I usually eat 45 minutes to an hour before I head to the gym or go for a walk. This way it gives your body time to digest the food properly and help you burn more fat.
Sue T.
I like to eat a small snack that contains simple carbohydrates such as a piece of fruit or a granola bar. I eat this about 30 minutes before my workout to give me the energy I need to perform well during my workout. Alternatively, if I have a meal before working out, I try to have a nutritionally balanced meal with carbs, protein, and healthy fats. When having a full meal, I like to finish the meal 1 hour before my workout to give myself time to digest before being active
Norman E.
I try a and have a piece of fruit in the half an hour before so I have energy’s to get through the the work out however preferably not right before.
Hilda Q.
I like to go with one of two things when it comes to a good breakfast before my morning workout: extra healthy or extra energy. The extra healthy option usually involves a simple smoothie, banana, any frozen berries, peanut butter (plenty), about 1 tbs of oats, ice, ice baby, then add whatever flavors you fancy, cinnamon, vanilla extract, mint, then throw in some seeds if you are into that, flax, chia, quinoa, they all do wonders. Second option: a good hardy English breakfast: baked beans, eggs, grilled tomato, mushrooms, little bacon and toast. Either way I make sure to drink something so that I am well hydrated. As for timing, I wait at least one hour while I get some studying done, one and a half if the breakfast was particularly fulling. One last tip: going for a large smoothie means you you can keep sipping on it as you go on with your day which means less time spent on breakfast and no more accidental snacking. Cheers!
Lisa J.
Usually a light meal with some protein and complex carbs a couple of hours before, or https://active-edge.co.uk/collections/beetactive, if my workout will be long, about an hour before. I also train in a faster state once per week. I find the post workout meal more important than the pre workout meal.
Alfred J.
I typically eat about 45 minutes before a workout.
Some of the things i eat (depending on what i am doing):
Oatmeal with peanut butter
Turkey slices
Lene W.
I usually eat a granola bar and a drinking yogurt and after 20-30 min I can start running and I have no problem. Make sure to stay hydrated while exercising.
Olivia Q.
It really depends on your workout and your goal. If you want to gain weight then it would be better to eat a pre-workout meal containing carbs and protein such as oatmeal and half glass of milk. If you want to lose weight you would better eat a meal containing just protein such as 1 scoop of whey protein powder blended with water. 1 hour before the excercise would be ok.
Rudinele G.
Surprisingly I don’t eat before work out. I usually have a glass of water only. But if am to eat maybe an apple or banana but I prefer to go on empty stomach then eat later. That is my opinion 😃
Cherly F.
w̫e̫l̫l̫ a̫s̫ o̫f̫ n̫o̫w̫, i̫'m̫ d̫o̫i̫n̫g̫ o̫n̫l̫y̫ f̫r̫u̫i̫t̫ a̫n̫d̫ v̫e̫g̫e̫t̫a̫b̫l̫e̫s̫!!!! i̫'m̫ i̫n̫ t̫h̫e̫ m̫o̫t̫i̫o̫n̫ o̫f̫ a̫l̫i̫g̫n̫i̫n̫g̫ a̫n̫d̫ b̫a̫l̫a̫n̫c̫i̫n̫g̫ m̫y̫ c̫h̫a̫k̫r̫a̫s̫, s̫o̫ i̫ h̫a̫v̫e̫ t̫o̫ e̫a̫t̫ t̫h̫e̫ f̫o̫o̫d̫s̫ t̫h̫a̫t̫ h̫e̫l̫p̫👌🏽i̫ u̫s̫u̫a̫l̫l̫y̫ w̫a̫i̫t̫ a̫t̫ l̫e̫a̫s̫t̫ a̫b̫o̫u̫t̫ a̫n̫ h̫o̫u̫r̫ b̫e̫f̫o̫r̫e̫ i̫ w̫o̫r̫k̫ o̫u̫t̫
Ros Ria F.
I don't eat before working out. Especially when it is in the morning. You should give yourself 2 hours to begin going into fat burning mode and then 2 hours after. Be sure to drink double the water you are normally drinking and to pace yourself. If that seems to hard then eat a light snack after working out but I recommended for best results to let your body burn off the fat and you will see results very quick.
Erc Lio S.
It depends on what I’m going to be doing. Most of the time it’s an egg and bacon, but for long intense days I try to eat some toast or avocado, something that will give me more long term energy.
Niete Z.
Hi! It depends on what type of workout I’m gonna do and hoy much time I have. The things your body needs is protein and carbs. For example, if I’m just going for a quick run in the morning, I don’t eat anything, but if I’m planning to run faster or longer, a light class of pilates or yoga, I take a spoon of almond butter, a coffee and water, for this quantity a half an hour before is enough. But if I’m doing box, or lifting heavy and I don’t have time, in addition to the almond butter I eat two rice cakes or an apple (considering 30/60 minutes before). Big meals should have to be eaten at least two to three hours before, this to let you’re body digest, absorb the nutrients as energy and avoid the tired feeling after digestion. As long as your meal incorporates lean protein and good carbs or good fat, your good to go. Hope it helps, have productive workout!
Noah Z.
I always eat 2 hours before I start a workout. This gives the food time to digest so that when I start the workout for the day, I can burn fat, and not the food I just ate. I always workout in the morning, so I usually eat breakfast at 7:30, wait to hours, and then start stretching and warming up for my workout at 9:45.
Cecil J.
I'm following the morning routine of drinking water, eating a healthy breakfast, and then working out. I usually have boiled eggs or avocado toast. Sometimes I have fruit. Probably about 20-30 minutes later, I do a dance workout on YouTube.
Mathilde Z.
Totally newbie here, so no good advice.

I wake up at 05:50 when I want to go to the gym, and I don’t feel much like having breakfast at that point. My workout begins at 07:00 or 07:15 and I usually eat one or two bananas and/or a couple muesli bars on my commute.

But I often feel too tired, like depleted, while exercising, especially if doing weight lifting. I often feel very thirsty and like no amount of water will fix this.

When doing cardio, even hard workouts (eg 1 hour elliptical), I don’t miss my breakfast at all.

When running outdoors in the morning I feel like I perform much better with no breakfast at all.

Victoria A.
To me it depends on what you eat and if you take your vitamins with it. I make sure my meal before workout contains proteine: this can be a smoothy bowl (yoghurt (alpro, coconut flavour), banana, strawberry, oats, penutbutter and almonds) or a protein bar. In the morning I take most vitamins with half a ltr water. The protein bar is okay even 10 minutes before a workout, the smoothy bowl and 0.5 ltr water makes me feel too full to have a good workout, so I eat my breakfast about at least 1 hour before my workout.

If I would train in the evening, I like to eat after my workout. But thats my preverence. Besides, I like to train in the morning.

Frances U.
There's really no set me I ate I have cancer I try to get down when I best can get down what makes me feel good and what gives me energy