How important is mindful eating at breakfast?

Ahmad E.
I think eating mindfully mans you savour every mouthful. Also, it can help you recognise when you're actually full – thereby helping with weight goals

Ronny X.
It's very important. A mindful breakfast gives your brain a chance to slow down and get in focus for the day. It pushes away any stress and concerns and focuses on that moment. It controls appetite by letting the body and brain be on the same track for a time. It slows you down and feels you with gratitude for each bite. Then, instead of just horking down the food to complete the task, you actually derive joy and gratitude from the experience. It makes the food taste better, and you are less likely to overeat, thereby starting your day with an attitude of appreciation, gratitude, and focus.

Emaan F.
i think its good for our health because our stomach is empty that time that's why we take healthy breakfast to feel all day energetic

Dawn B.
It really isn't that important to me. Because I'm generally thinking about the rest of my day while I'm eating. Or writing my to-do list

Alexander Z.
not only does it probablg help with better eating habits (not eating too fast) and so helping digestion, but its 1. another space to be mindful in the mornings other than setting up a meditation session, and 2. helps bring peace and awareness to what you are eating. Is it healthy? Are you caring for your body and therefore your physical wellbeing? Is it tasty? Are you enjoying the meal and therefore caring about your emotional wellbeing in the morning?

Amis Y.
When you're a child, just eating something for breakfast is the goal. As adults we don't get away with the extra calories as well as they do lol. Healthy doesn't have to mean yucky. Find things you like, that work with your schedule. If you do not have time to cook in the morning, probably not the time for a meat lovers omelette. It sets up your whole day, just like exercise prepares you physically to get up and get em, that food fuels EVERYTHING you are about to do until lunch time for most.

Judd E.
Choosing good healthy food and eat it… that is really helpful for our mind brain health and etc. You should try to find foods which have more benefit to us

Eve C.
Practicing a more mindful approach to eating can enhance the enjoyment of your meals, reduce overeating, aid good digestion, reduce anxious thoughts surrounding food, and improve your psychological relationship with food. It is impossible to truly enjoy eating (or food) whilst our attention is elsewhere

Lesa W.
Mindful eating… taking time to reflect on the day ahead and the day past.. what you want to do differently to make today great

Klara F.
Your. Body work a high percentage better when you have a healthy protein filled breakfast! Your metabolism works well and you feel better and more energized