Do you multitask while you eat? Like read the paper or scroll through your phone? Or do you focus on your breakfast?

Alexia C.
Thank you so much for your question. I do both! There are times where I’ve done my full morning routine – being grateful, journaling, meditation and taken my daily supplements/vitamins. Yet I have time to sit and enjoy my breakfast so I’ll do that while reading OR I may just sit and enjoy my breakfast in awareness /mindfulness. Thank you for letting me share.

Fernando P.
Unfortunately i can't concentrate because we have our breakfast together with our 2 small kids. And i do 100 things at once.

Sarah G.
That is such a good question! In the past I often ate breakfast whilst doing something else, usually at my desk at work. Since i started using this app more and really trying to complete tasks properly I have been trying to sit down and eat my breakfast at the table and only do that (i.e. concentrate on preparing and eating the meal). It is working well so far!
I hope this helps. Good luck!

Jacob R.
Yes I do! When I eat, I tend to look for a netflix show to watch – Preferably a food show that would boost my appetite for breakfast.

Cl Dio Q.
I used to like to do the activities and read the backs of cereal boxes (and I still do), but now I am usually on Fabulous trying to type in what I am having for breakfast and hitting the check button for things like breakfast, drinking water, etc. So I am usually multitasking and I find that I wake up faster, am energized, calm, and I just feel a lot better when I multitask vs when I don’t. So if you don’t multitask during breakfast , I recommend you do it is fun and I’m happier, but if it stresses you out, then STOP doing it!

Beverly O.
I often take my breakfast and get out of the house I eat my sandwich while driving , for the days I eat breakfast at home I often focus on the breakfast

J N.
I multitask when I eat. I usually eat breakfast alone because I’m awake earlier than my siblings. So I multitask because I can. When it comes to lunch and dinner, I focus on the food!

Linn O.
I should be able to say that I focus on my breakfast, but the truth is that I often multitask. Unless we eat together as s family

Jared T.
I scroll through my phone and it isnt good to check your phone while eating so with the help of fabulous i eating my breakfast peacefully and instead of scrolling through my phone i enjoy feeling the breeze and seeing the birds through the window you should also do it it is very😉relaxing🐦🥗

Ortrud Q.
I oscillate, either focusing on my breakfast/family time, and leave my phone upstairs. However, especially when I’m alone, I will watch some video while eating breakfast, but I never consume any news or social media with breakfast

Jamie T.
I do not focus on my breakfast. I’m normally running around the house after my quiet coffe morning, to get ready for work. When I’m heading out the door, I grab a protein shake and drink it on my way to work.

Ma Lie E.
It varies, I do multitask I sometimes have breakfast by myself and when I do I am on my phone, or if I am eating with my kids, I engage in a conversation with them. I have also recently bought a kindle, so I am incorporating a schedule to read in the morning when I have my alone time.

Marie C.
I’ll focus on making my breakfast, usually the coffee component first to help with the rest. Then i’ll sit at the table and have a bit of a lazy glance while i’m eating just so i can savour it a bit more

Lili U.
I love food and I like focus on my breakfast, so I try not to do something with my hands and eyes, but I don’t like eat alone or in silence, so I’talking with my husband, listening to music or to sitcom while eating.

Arianna S.
I do watch my phone, but just to see beautiful photos on ig and read my horoscope. No messages, no stress, nothing until I'm ready (10/11 am).

Debbie E.
Usually I don't eat breakfast but I'm trying now. I find i'm working whilst I eat something or on the run which in reflection doesn't sound great!

Noelle Y.
I multitasking, but not with work. I usually make time to either read my personal emails, like from Nat Geo, or from a Mental Health and Anxiety blog. Sometimes I just watch a funny video on YouTube, and it's a great way to Kickstart my day!

Harvey U.
I used to multitask but I realized I was missing out on time with my kids so I now leave my phone in my bedroom, have breakfast with my family and then start my digital day. It has made a world of difference in my kids mornings and in my attitude. I work harder when I'm on digital time and truly enjoy my kids time.

Genevieve F.
I'm always doing something, but I appreciate this question as mindfulness is important to me and I need and want to bring it to my eating habits.

Elizabeth F.
I definitely multitask – I can’t sit still or I get bored and eat too fast meaning I eat too much and overeat. If I distract myself then it works out.

Diane F.
Im supposed to be eating mindfully because i dont eat enough. I usually play music while im eating, usually meditation music.

Dean J.
It depends if I’m eating alone or with someone. If I’m eating with someone, I try to keep my phone in my purse and off the table. I find it rude and uncaring to pay attention to the phone when I can be paying attention to a fellow human being.

If I’m eating alone, I usually do go on my phone often. Lack of stimulation maybe? Bad habit, definitely.

At work, we work through our lunch, so I unfortunately are made to multitask. I eat at my desk and continue answering phone calls and emails.