What if you don`t have time to eat, what do you do?

Jacqueline N.
I try to have easy, on-the-go options available for days when I’m busy and can’t sit down for a long meal. Whether that’s a protein bar to grab for breakfast, or whatever you choose. You need some sort of fuel to start your day!
Simona O.
If no time to eat, I'll have minimum a hard boiled egg or a RXBAR Protein Bar and a piece of fruit. (Banana, orange, apple)
X Nia E.
Take an apple or any fruit on the go, or if you have more time then make a smoothie! This is a great way to get your nutrients for breakfast!
Eli W.
Grab something you don’t have to cook. Set it out the night before. Banana, apple, granola, nuts could be good examples. These are things you could eat on the go.
Jeffery F.
I don't eat 😂 kthxbye

…but I try to eat as soon as I can and avoid skipping meals, even if that means having breakfast at noon. I think this happens to everybody sometimes, some things are outside our control. Don't make it a bigger issue than it really is. As long as it isn't frequent (let's say, three times a week is frequent) I think it's okay. If it's frequent, that means you need to change some habits in order to prevent this, like going to bed earlier so you don't skip breakfast, establishing a routine for buying groceries. And have a bunch of good emergency options available, be it delivery restaurant, healthy snacks, easy to cook foods, etc (I always have pasta, canned tuna, tomato sauce, eggs, whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc in stock)

Timothee P.
I think in your case, preparing things ahead of time is your best bet. If you’re making eggs, boil them at night before bed so that way they’re ready to go in the morning. If you’re making a parfait, do it before you sleep so it’s ready in the morning. Try to find other items that you can prep for the night before so you can wake up and have breakfast ready!
Daphn T.
I food prep on Sundays. I make homemade healthy breakfast bars, muffins, chia pudding, etc. So I always have something quick I can take on the go with me.
Hansj Rgen Q.
Make time. Maybe not in the morning but you have to make time for yourself. Make a smoothie the night before. Wake up, shake up and go! Or overnight oats!
Caroline W.
Well the best thing would be to grab something on the run like a bananna and nuts. The important thing is not to default to donuts and sugary items and keep it low sugar and high protein.
Thea E.
I just drink some milk or liquid yoghurt or something like that and eat a snack later.
Andrea U.
I carry oatmeal in my bag and I always keep bananas on hand. If I rush out of house I can at least eat a banana during my morning drive. My other go to is preparing a blended shake in the evening for the next morning.
Ross J.
Consider making breakfast ahead and take it with you e.g. an apple, a smoothie, a peanut butter sandwich, or make a pot of oatmeal for the week, portion it- grab and go all week. Keep nuts in your purse and/or in the car. Consider thinking about why there is no time to eat. Start small- put an apple and a few almonds or sunflower seeds by the door the night before and munch as you leave. Meals don’t need to be fussy or ornate- they can just be fuel.
Diovalda E.
Make time. As someone who hates being late, I understand the impulse to skip a meal, but taking care of yourself comes first. I always keep a little can of nuts in the kitchen that I can toss in my purse and eat on the go. That way, grabbing a healthy snack only takes seconds, and you can refuel on the go.
Katrina O.
I like yo have premade foods ready that I can eat on the go, like frozen breakfast burritos, gronala bars and fruit, or even breakfast sandwiches. With the burritos I freeze them in paper towels and then lightly wet the paper towels and microwave them for a minute or two. Bananas are always easy to eat on the go and granola bars are too.
Jeppe U.
I try to at least have a kind bar for those times when I am on the run. Then I know I still have that healthy substitute.
Brittany Q.
I eat fruits like banana or apple or take some dates. It works good and provide my such a pleasure. Bec. I love natural food.
Bryan J.
I usually eat something quick and easy to prep, like oatmeal with yoghurt. It is also essential that it contains energy boosters. That's why I add nuts – almonds or hazelnuts, and flax seeds. I eat while doing other bits of my morning routine like putting my make up on.
Lina T.
I usually find enough time for eating. But when I am in hurry sometimes I eat fruits like apple or banana breakfast on the go.
John O.
I always make sure I can eat as soon as I get up as I wake up famished. Since I'm Indian, I eat Rice based or whole wheat based breakfast.
However, the days I'm running late I take an apple or a banana along with me! I don't like sugary cereals at all! Toast and eggs with mayonnaise or cheese are my top favorites! I'm sensitive to caffeine so I have cut down my coffee intake. I absolutely love coffee but I've noticed it disrupts my sleep cycle! I, in stead, have switched over to hot chocolate which is another favorite! 🙂
1. A fruit like apple, banana, orange
2. Hot chocolate
3. And yeah, some dry fruits like almonds, cashews, raisins
Salvador P.
A couple strategies that work, are to prepare some items in bulk (eg, boil a bunch of eggs), make sure to have some single servings ready ahead of time (yogurts, string cheeses, cut fruit) maybe the night before. Nuts or nut butters are good choices too.
Aurora Q.
I eat a banana or strawberries with yoghurt. It's a really quick and easy way of having breakfast.
Reimund X.
If you don't have time to eat, you got to make time to eat. Not having time to eat is not an excuse. It is the most important part of the day. You can look for recipes that take less than 5 minutes and stick to it. Remember natural is better.
Signe Z.
I have been making overnight oats each night healthy and yummy and takes but 5 minutes in the morning so get up 5 minutes earlier! You can also take them on the go! You got this! Where there’s a will there’s a way!
Laurie Z.
Vegan protein drink. Evolve has single serving cartons for when your really in a crunch, but if you have more time, a spinach shake with your choice of nut milk and vegan protein powder, like Naked Pea is a bit more nutritious. Just throw ingredients in your Ninja or blender and drink right from cup
Shane E.
There's always potential to make time. Get up 5 mimutes earlier. Eat on the go. Eat as soon as possible in the first hour you wake up. If you can't, eat when you get to work or school or while you start your day. If you don't have time for that it won't benefit you. So give it your best to make that extra time and plan ahead. My favourite to make is overnight oats in the fridge with banana, nutbutter and cinnamon. Tastes like a dessert and it needs a min in the microwave oven and its done. Hope these help!
Alicia Z.
There is always time to eat but often we don't take time to eat. For any meal but especially breakfast, prepare it the night before & store it in a Tupperware bowl. It doesn't have to be an elaborate meal – something quick & simple. Typically I either scramble or boil 2 eggs & put them into the bowl. Then I place a package of instant grits onto of the bowl. That way when I open the fridge everything I need is there. At least once a week, I have a "green" breakfast. I prepare a simple salad the night before – arugula, butter lettuce, spinach, kale, & brussel sprouts with shredded carrots, nut mix & some type of fruit (usually sliced apples or oranges) & put it into bowl. I also get up 30 mins earlier so that I have enough time to eat, exercise, shower, meditate & get dressed prior to waking up my children.
Derrick Q.
I find jello fruit cups and top them with whipped cream. Super fast. Super easy. Helps me keep my habit but doesn't weigh me down!