What tips can you give for planning your breakfast?

Earl E.
I recommend doing a food shop one a weekly basis and making sure that you make a list of what you want before you go so that you don't end up going off plan and drifting towards the unhealthy cereals etc
Nataniel P.
Well, you can plan for this meal the night before or get the ingredients ready so it would be easy for you to just go ahead and cook it.
You can search on the internet for a healthy, balanced breakfast and you’ll find countless tasty recipes and I’m sure you’ll find most of the ingredients in your house already so don’t worry about it. Just make sure you’re cooking something you love not forcing yourself to eat healthy right away, just take it step by step. Don’t forget to make an energizing playlist to have fun while cooking your meal, boost your energy and mood, and most importantly to enjoy every bit of it.
Chantal M.
I try to mix bread with jam or egg and oatmeal, and always with natural orange juice and tea. I don't but sweet food, so I can not have sweet for breakfast.
Catherine T.
Try planning it the night before. Try opting for some overnight oats which are super simple to make! 1 cup of oats, 1 cup of whatever milk you’d like and 1tbsp of chia seeds. You can put whatever you’d like in them and make them your own. Nice, simple, quick!
Tessa S.
I use Pinterest to look for breakfast ideas and then I make sure I have the ingredients. I also get stuff that I enjoy so I’m excited to eat breakfast and plan my breakfast ideas for the next few days ahead
Bet Nia Z.
After reading the letter I did order an online shop. Nuts, oats etc. Has been the breakfast of choice for 2 of 3 of the last couple of days. Haven’t tried apple n peanut butter yet or any eggs. Think about time you have. If you are working I would leave the past and nuts until when you are not as takes a little time. When time is key, Apple n peanut butter, or eggs are quite quick. But I will
Always make time for at least a small bowl of cereal (healthy) but leaving.

My plain oats are cooked in 250ml milk, then pop in microwave for 2 x 2min. But watch that milk! Then settle on side and add; crushes walnuts, almond flakes, pumpkin seeds, Cashhew nuts and some raisins. Small handful of each. Yum yum 🙂

Letitia E.
First of all, make a list of things you like to eat in the breakfast that is good for your health, then make a weekly menu, buy everything you need for the month and just stick to it
Cody T.
Write out a list of what you like to eat for breakfast and what you want to cook for the week and go shopping for groceries that way you’ll have everything you need.
Guenther O.
you should think about healthy foods that you enjoy and look forward to eating. But the right food in and put it together in the fridge or cupboard ready to make the next morning.
Terrence T.
Meal prep! I make my own yogurt which takes about two days so I make sure to have the ingredients I need over the weekend to begin fermentation on Monday. When it’s done I pack it with muesli and fruit in single serving Weck jars so I’m read your for my mornings. Hope that helps!
Luciane Z.
Plan breakfast the night before. Have everything ready as much as possible before you go to sleep. Have making it be part of your evening ritual. Bless your implements and your food with whatever prayer is from your tradition or with mindful intention as you set them out. If you have ability to write out the breakfasts for the week on the evening before your week starts that would be helpful too. Keep it posted on the refrigerator or nearby along with a positive thought such as “Nourishment increases my life force.”
Alyssa J.
Make sure you have enough groceries for a weeks worth of breakfast, have a goal of what you want to make and then wake up early enough to make it!
Jason Q.
Pick something that you still like. Don’t just go for something because a website said it’s a healthy breakfast option, pick something that’s healthier than your normal breakfast but still something you’ll enjoy eating.
Irene Q.
I used to think I didn’t have time for breakfast. Time is still precious in the morning but now I make a smoothie and drink it on the way to work or prepare a yoghurt and oat pot the night before which I can eat at my desk. Stops me reaching for biscuits mid morning
Nuri J.
Hey. Firstly,it depends if you are an early riser or a late bird. Also,if your employer favours brekkie at work.
So,if you are an early bird,meal prepr:oats and yoghurt and some fresh fruit,left overnight in a jar or a bowl(covered up). Then enjoy I the morning or take to work with you.
If you are a late bird,then a banana and peanut butter works great for me.or apples.or ago banana toast (sounds weird but trust me sooo good).
If your employer is cool with and offers brekkie options,then stay on the healthier ones.(some cereal,oats,peanut butter,fresh fruit).hope this all helps
Frederikke G.
I like to make things that I can freeze and heat up later so that I don’t have to cook in the morning. For example, I’ll make a few dozen egg muffins, freeze half and pull them out of the freezer Sunday night before the week starts