What are some other healthy options for breakfast?

Jacob B.
I like to eat fruit salads, chicken sandwiches, avocado toast, salad, eggs, and it’s always nice to pair a nice breakfast with a healthy beverage such as juice, iced tea or just plain water πŸ™‚
Sally F.
Well, eggs. You can never go wrong with eggs, and you can cook them in a lot of different ways. Sometimes all I have to work with are eggs, so I get creative and make a few eggs based dishes.
Tracy U.
Instead of trying to remove things from your diet, try to add things. Ex: You eat a bowl of cereal every day. Instead of eating just that, add some fruit to the bowl, and accompany it with an egg or other forms of protein
Irene Y.
Eggs are a healthy option. But for me, They make my breath smell which makes me instantly get into a bad mood. But dry foods like sour dough, are amazing. You can gently toast them with butter, it's not the healthiest option but it is healthy. It's also delicious. PB&J is also an option, so is Avocado paste spread on toasted sour dough bread. It definitely fills your stomach for nutrition for the day. But it depends on what your taste is, really.
Eileen C.
A toast with Avocado, Avocado has a lot of good fat. A lot of berrys and fruits, they have important vitamins. Porridge, helps to digest better and have carbs (makes you full)
Cameron J.
I enjoy a few large eggs(2-3) with 4 strips of turkey bacon and a glass or orange juice. This is around 250 calories and it really refreshes the body.