What’s the most filling breakfast you have?

Tracy O.
Either egg bites made in the oven mixed with various vegatables and a side of avocado; omelette with veggies and avocado,
Avocado toast with tomato or granola mixed with fruit and almond milk

Malak R.
Usually, I have olive oil, bread and tea for breakfast. Which is good for me! However, I plan to add in almonds, dates and some fruit as snacks. And boiled eggs for during the meal (they help me stay fueled for the rest of the day 😋)

Christina N.
I like peanut butter wheat toast. Peanut butter for protein. I also have granola cereal with almond milk. But im still hungry🤣😑

Sharlene E.
A filling breakfast is one that I cook myself, especially when it is rich in nutritions and vegetables. It also more fulfilling when I eat it with someone else.

Rebecca P.
I usually have 1 nuts and chocolate bar ( Kellogg's) + 1 ready to go fruit and vegetables mini smoothie(at 6am), then another of these as a morning snack(at 9/10 am). This really works for me.
I tried to have a bigger, more protein breakfast ( as smoked salmon with toasted bread, yogurt, whole fruit, etc) but I wake up too early and even this kind of breakfast doesn't fulfill me for that long, leading me really craving food at 10/11 am. It's really a trial and errors things, I think, in which one finds what works better for himself.

Avery F.
Oats in yogurt and an apple sprinkled in. It's refreshing, has lots of fiber, and keeps my stomach full and brain active until lunch time.

Felicia C.
I really don't eat breakfast cause I'm a night owl soI get ready for school and our lunch break at school is around 11:20. But when I don't go to school I eat eggs and bread or pap / cereal ( cornflakes ) / 2Minutes Noodles.

Alida Y.
My best breakfast is two hardboiled eggs, a 2 cups or so raw veggies, and a serving of fruit. If I pack just some nuts or a bit of cheese and an apple and some veggies, I have that around 3 in the afternoon and I am good to go until dinner!

Johanne Z.
My favourite filling breakfast is probably oats with fresh fruit and milk.

And sorry for the bad grammar and spelling, I am a teenager from Denmark 🇩🇰

Jared O.
Oatmeal with peanut butter and fresh fruit, like blueberries or bananas. Avocado toast with an egg on top is also really good and filling.

Ken Z.
Breakfast is the best morning routine we can have, its a winning time. The most filling breakfast I have for today are eggs, cucumber, rice and full cup of cofee.

Enola E.
The egg-mayo and ham sandwich I toasted in the oven was more filling than usual because I prepared everything from scratch myself the night before. It was very exciting to eat something that I knew I had put a lot of effort into making for myself cos I knew it was going to be extra delicious.

Tracey Z.
For a healthy kickstart to the day, i would reccommed always some fruit, (apples with peanut butter, mango, banana, etc), then of course you would need some carbs to energize you and give you enough fuel to go through the day, (so something like; toast with jam, roasted potatoes, oats with cinnamon, honey, and berries, etc). If you're still feeling hungry, a small yoghurt or an egg would be a good choice- but remember: Don't fill yourself up too much at breakfast or you'll start to get sleepy a lot faster!
Always remember to Hydrate, so drink a cup of water right after waking up, this way you will have a healthier life 🙂
Enjoy your breakfast!

Patricia Y.
I love to have breakfast with eggs florentine. This my favourite! Yesterday we had croissants and pavlova. I prefer savoury meals, but it was delicious. Also having pancakes every now and then or cassava with parmesan cheese and eggs is great.

Alicia S.
I start with a cup of water with honey and curcuma. Then a cup of milk with ''les crepes'' made with oatmeal instead of flour. I serve em with peanut butter or chocolate, A banana and coffee

Sara O.
Personally I enjoy a breakfast wrap. With avocado, fried egg, salad, mayo, sweet chilly sauce and some parmegano cheese. A noodle soup is also great. Then oats (with orange and cardamom). Grilled chicken is also great (with salad of course). At the moment it's a bowl of brown rice. I like to make breakfast my biggest meal of the day.

Sherri E.
Freshly prepared oatmeal with coconut pieces, greek yoghurt, pine-tree honey, cherries and cranberries – not scarfed down but mindfully eaten.

Lauren S.
Eggs! I like them over easy or scrambled in a breakfast burrito. For a very decadent brunch treat I’ll make my version of a Croque Madame madame…open faced sourdough, béchamel, and melted Swiss or gruyere cheese, and topped with an egg! Eat it with a steak knife for a hearty, fancy brunch!
For more sweet than savory I love overnight oats.

Makenzie Y.
My favorite most filling breakfast is s spinach, egg, and turkey sandwich on a toasted begal with a green shake made up of available fruits and dark green leaves.

Lyla N.
Wheat bix, Ik it sounds odd but it really fills me up and energisers me! If you don’t like the plain taste you can add fruit, youghurt, honey, etc. for the satisfaction

Zach P.
I've usually been having 3 scrambled eggs every morning, along with some walnuts, a glass orange juice, and a fruit of some kind, my choice being bananas or pears.

Laura O.
I have Greek yogurt with Chia seeds, blueberries and pumpkin flax seed granola every morning. This provides protein, calcium, carbs, fat and sugar to keep me full and happy.