What are some alternative protein sources for breakfast?

Angelo P.
I will add almonds to my oatmeal every day. Any nuts should be fine. I notice I feel less hungry as the day goes on after that kind of breakfast
Liva U.
Oats, nuts, beans, eggs, whole grains
Lenny T.
Egg dishes are the easiest ingredient you can get for protein sources in breakfast. But you can also get it from spinach, banana, nuts, tofu, and tempeh
Liam S.
Still one of the best go-to proteins for breakfast are eggs but a great alternative for is a powerful protein shake with super food mix added. Quality protein is a must though! (My choice is Combat from MusclePharm which has multiple clean protein sources). I like to add ground flax seed and Greek yogurt also and sometimes a scoop of ice cream and/or fresh fruit. Nuts like almonds and pecans are great for healthy fats in addition to protein and make for a great mid-morning snack to help give you that boost you might want until a light healthy lunch. Its best to get your protein ingestion/absorption periodically through the day not all in one burst. But a good protein load in the morning makes all the difference as after a good nights sleep your body has been fasting and is starving for protein! And your going to need the energy for a great day!
Tha Se G.
I'm a 'mostly vegetarian' so I've explored this question. When I'm rushing somewhere I'll grab almonds or walnuts. Cheese and yogurt are wonderful and quick as well. Seeds of all kinds. I've been known to eat leftover beans as well.
Brandie E.
My one and only choice for breakfast is "Fruits and Yogurt". I think it is the easiest option.
Imelda O.
Fruit and peanut butter, along with a handful of nuts, are healthy alternatives to high sugar cereals. Eggs are also an easy and effective way to get fast protein. Lastly, whole grains and meat (like turkey slices or fish) are full of protein and part of a sustainable breakfast.
Yanis G.
1 boiled egg plus oatmeal and 1 spoon of peanut butter