What are some examples of a “great breakfast” that are easy to prepare?

Lillian X.
You can make waffles 🧇, eat an apple 🍎 and a tangerine like I had this morning or you can have toast bread and some fruit juice🧃but what's important is that it's a healthy breakfast. Trust me, I have tested this out. Whenever I have a great breakfast, I feel fuller compared to a "grab and go" breakfast I took before rushing to class.
Victoria Z.
I sometimes just have a banana smoothie with some chlorella. Or some youghurt with chia seeds and a little fruit with a small spoon of nut butter
Vladimir F.
You can make a chicken salad sandwich, in the salad you can add lettuce, tomato, avocado and if you don’t mind the combination, cranberries, it can be accompanied with a banana-chocolate shake, both taste really good and is a really complete breakfast full of all the body needs.
Nisan F.
Soak in some walnuts and almonds the day before going to bed, Beaten rice , Milk , Honey and some sesame seeds are also great.
Raaghu N.
A great breakfast that are easy to prepare would be like a toast with some avacado fruit or an egg omelet or something like toast with some peanut butter on it with some fruit toppings like bananas and berries with some nice fresh fruit juice or your own protein shakes.
Hari O.
If I’m looking for something quick and low effort, I have a bowl of bran flakes or muesli with some honey and milk, a cut up apple and banana and a handful of nuts
Grace Y.
The best smoothies I have found r listed on a book by Sherri L S. It's called DIY Smoothies Shakes & Malts. And, for healthy salads and even elegant picnics r in Bibb Meats Mozz by the same author.
Robin T.
Porridge with mixed fruit is a great and easy healthy breakfast topped with some cinemon or honey to give it a nice taste
Abby U.
What I find easy is the Jimmy Dean egg frittatas. They take a minute and fifty seconds in the microwave and they’re so good.
Lili X.
Something light is go for toast with peanut butter and banana but still staying with the toast theme avocado toast is a great healthy choice, i particular enjoy smoothies for breakfast