How much time do you set aside for eating breakfast? Is it something you do before or after you get to work?

Lea Z.
Sometimes if I go to work maybe I have breakfast at 7:00 until 8:00 but now I don't go to work because I have resigned from my job maybe I have breakfast at 9:00
Tinize U.
I do not need a lot of time. I can’t eat so early in the morning so I have a Herbalife shake at 07:00 before I go to work. I will have a snack at 10am.
Julia W.
Breakfast is most definitely the most important meal of the day. I usually spend around 10-15 minutes for eating it and I always do it before I get to work.
J Ni Q.
I set aside half an hour or more since I take some time to actually make breakfast. I do this before work so I'm ready for the day. Hope this helps!😁
Mark S.
I often start the day with a healthy breakfast as early as possible, to make sure i get enough time between my first meal and my first workout
Raina S.
I usually make my breakfast from scratch each morning so probably around thirty minutes is set aside for breakfast. I also eat my breakfast at home. At home I don't feel the need to eat my food as quickly as possible, so eating at home is more enjoyable for me.
Emily Y.
I set aside about 5-10 minutes during the school year to eat breakfast, and a lot of time I don't finish eating/drinking it. During the summer, I set aside 15 minutes to eat breakfast.
Andrea W.
I work early in the morning so, I don't eat before work, but during my first 30min break which is around 9:30am. I have my coffee before work and at my break my breakfast.
Tasso N.
It is maximum around 1 hour. Minimum 30 minutes. Because of the Covid-19, I have a lot of time at home. So, while eating I always scroll down my social media to read any news that I have missed yesterday and today. Then, I will start working on my house chores and do what ever work I need to do.
Ortwin F.
I usually eat breakfast before work. I take around 10-20 minutes to eat my breakfast. However if I’m in a rush, then I eat fruits, like oranges, apples, or bananas.
Nivaldo Q.
Ovisi o kakvom se poslu radi, ako se radi o poslu od kojeg se zarađuje (u mom slučaju posao je škola, mada ne zarađujem od nje nego se obrazujem) najčešće doručkujem na putu do nje/ga. Međutim ako se radi o poslu kojem trebam kući obaviti, primjerice oprat suđe, spremit sobu, vježbat ili slično to mi više dođe kao hobii pa doručkujem prvo, a zatim odradim sve što trebam.
Leanne R.
I have breakfast, usually a cereal before I go to work. I brush my teeth, have my glass of water and then cereal and coffee before I get ready 🙂