Any nut-free vegan breakfast ideas?

Debra N.
Well since I am vegan too and dislike nuts, I can say that many things go off the list. However what you can eat highly depends on what nationality you belong to and the food items made there. But for a general idea of what I eat and can be made available at most of the places, I suggest Soya milk, brown bread and some fruits like apple, banana etc.
Maayan N.
I don’t know if chickpeas are nuts but if not try chickpea flour (2-3 Tablespoons for one person) and mix it with water (2-3 tablespoons) and baking soda (1 teaspoon) then add salt and if you want some greens or e.g. I like corn (it shouldn’t be too watery). put it in a pan and let it cook on each side. Now you have a vegan omelette. I love making those. You can eat it with a salad if you’d like, that’s what I normally do. Hope that helps
Naja Z.
Vegetable Upma. Itis an indian vegan breakfast made qith semolina, and vegetables of your choice. I usually go with onions, carrots, green pees(you can skip this if u want) and green chilli(as per spice required). You can get a ton of recipes online. Just do the semolina, salt and veggies part and skip the rest if you dont have access to any of the other ingredients. It will still be tasty! Bon appetit!
Jhanna S.
Something quick:
– avocado toast
– vegan parfait (granola, fruit, non-dairy yogurt)
-cream of wheat

A little time needed:
– tofu scramble
– stuffed pastry (crescent dough filled with your choice of preserves, vegan cream cheese, vegetables, cheese substitutes, etc.)
-overnight oats