Does anyone have suggestions for easy breakfast that can be made ahead and brought to work?

Sofia P.
Yogurt and fruit, but I always eat the breakfast at home (water, fresh fruit, oat, soy drink, nuts, cinammon and a litle bit of honney)
Zoe Z.
You can bake mini frittatas in a muffin pan, then freeze them and pull them out as you need. They freeze and reheat very well! I used 12 eggs, 1 cup half and half, 1 cup cheese and 2 cups veggies for 14 muffins.
Laila N.
Oatmeal is a great option and the great thing about it is that it is easily prepared, takes no time and you can flavour it with whatever you like whether it was sour or sweet!!!
Alyse O.
Egg sweet corn and feta frittas. And heat up whenyou arrive.

Protein pancakes. Make a batch and freeze and pop in the toaster at work. Easy!

Protein shake?

Egg muffins usually with spinach and cheese. Heat up when you get to work.

A wrap with cheese and protein in it.

Have a look at whats in the window of your local coffee shop in the early morning bd you can likely make any of those things the night before

Freja Z.
Hey! I know it’s a rather generic answer, but if you can hard boil eggs ahead of time they can keep in the fridge for 3 days. Alternatively, try overnight oats!
Jade F.
You could try over night oats, make some pancakes and just put them in a ziplock bag and put them in the freezer. You could put them in the microwave and add any topping you want. You could also make breakfast sandwiches and put them in the fridge over night.
Carrie Z.
Chia puddings in jars. You can make fully ahead or add toppings on the day and take to work. 1/2 c chia to 2 c liquid (milk, milk alternative) and liquid sweetener to taste of your choice (eg 2-4 Tbsp maple syrup). Stir together and then stir occasionally while you leave to set overnight or a few hours. Distribute into jars or serving size containers to grab and go. Top with extras such as fresh or frozen berries, nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, etc
Sarah N.
banana and peanut butter is really good because the sugars will slow down the protein and keep you full until lunch or if ur looking for something more filling but a little more longer (takes me about 10 mins to prepare when i take my time) a shake with protein powder, a banana, almond milk, peanut butter, and a handful of spinach works really well (i also add chia seeds and hemp seeds for some healthy fats and a bit more nutrients) i usually take that in a bottle with me to school n drink it all on the way there.
Cl Mentine E.
If you like oatmeal you could do overnight oats. Soak oats in milk or water (I used almond milk) then you can add chia seeds to thicken it plus gives you extra fiber and other nutrients. You can also add flax seeds in there as well. For crunch I like to add walnuts or almonds with dried fruit like dried cranberries or something else you might like personally. It's not really breakfast but you could put salad mix in a mason jar and pack your dressing in a separate container then add the dressing at work and shake the container to evenly spread it. I also personally like eating avocados on toast. If you mix half the avocado with 1/2tsp of lemon and 1/2-1tsp of olive or grapeseed oil it'll preserve it for you long enough for breakfast then you can add a dash of salt and pepper to your taste preferences and some crushed red pepper flakes for extra flavor. I hope this helps!