How important is variety when it comes to eating breakfast?

Eliot E.
Humans get bored easily. Routine can be tedious. So I believe variety is key. You don’t have to switch it up everyday, but if you’re feeling like having orange juice instead of milk, do it! If you’d rather have a designated menu for each weekday, that’s great too. If you do the same thing everyday, you’ll get tired and lose motivation, which would lead to a not so healthy choice of breakfast! Change is always good.
Kelya Y.
it is very important to eat health breakfast when we will eat health breakfast we will become strong and powerfull and when we will eat health food in breakfast our day is energetic
Zubair Z.
Yes it should be varied on reguler basis. Our body needs a huge number of different element. When we do not fulfill our bodies requirement of variety of elements, we spontaneously head towards mulnutrition.
Benjamin N.
It's not that important. I eat the same with small variations I secment of approximately 9 months then I switch it up completely for the next 9 mouth
Sesinando Z.
I believe it’s better to do something you are used to as long as it’s healthy, but changing things up is always good. Having a set of standard breakfasts is great
Lex N.
its important, its good to have a variety of different things to eat, as well as a variety of different benefits..each food item having a different benefit than another.
Dimitra F.
I don't really mind having the same breakfast during the week days. I prefer to make something different in the weekends that j have more time to enjoy it
Niamh N.
Variety is important for all eating. If you eat the same thing every day, not only will you just crave that one food, your body won’t change at all. You won’t lose weight, you won’t lose muscle, you will be stuck on a plateau of no change
Rachael N.
Not important. Limiting options simplifies decision making and preparation time, which allows more time for more important things.
Bradley W.
Preparing an idea one night before of what I will cook or make delicious food for breakfast, will make you happier and active to wake up early and do breakfast. And the wish come into you to eat breakfast daily.
Darren W.
Breakfast isn't necessary, someone can go everyday with out breakfast & eat lunch be just fine, I do know that it kick starts your metabolism and I've eaten breakfast for the last 4 days consistently & I feel no difference but I'm sure over time I will