What portion should my breakfast be? Should I be full after a breakfast?

Jonathan F.
Good size since you slept a lot of hours without water or food. Drink a full glass of water first and then eat your breakfast. Not only you’re hydrated but also with energy to start your day.
Judith O.
I vary the size of my breakfast by day, while still trying to get enough protein and energy with the smaller portioned breakfasts when I'm on the run.
Lance Y.
I make sure that I no longer feel at all hungry. But, full, as in stuffed, drags me down and I get sleepy. If I still feel hungry after I've eaten my planned breakfast, I will add something like plain oatmeal with cinnamon and a few raisins or 2 Tbsp of peanut butter.
Grace C.
Yes you should be full afterwards, but it needs to be thought out nutrition wise
Monica S.
I think this is something unique to everyone and you have to figure out what you prefer or works best for you. Personally, I cannot work out with a full stomach – i get nauseous if I do. So, if I’m going to the gym, then I eat only a little (half protein shake or maybe just a small protein bar) before and then I’ll eat a real breakfast after the workout. Some people I know, though, can work out on a full stomach…
Ver Nica N.
Not necessarily full but satisfied. Eat enough to fuel you to start your day and be energized to take on all the necessary tasks. It should be filling so you don't feel hungry right after.
Reginald J.
I am no expert but from what I have been advised…if my total calorie goal is 1600….roughly 440 calories should be breakfast. It should be high in protein to keep you feel energetic and full for a longer time. It should be in the ratio of 1:3:5:7 fibre:fat: protein:carbs.
Somehow eg are egg, banana and apple with peanut butter, paneer, etc.
Freddie P.
Big, keep me full for longer till next meal. But food eaten can not be difficult to digest as it can make me slow and sleep. Proteins are the best.
Anastasios T.
you should be full after a breakfast because it tells you that you that you are ready for the day and won’t be hungry for a while.
Tony P.
It's typically best to eat a breakfast that is smaller than the other meals you eat during the day. If you eat an overly large breakfast, your stomach will expand to accommodate, and you'll be hungrier come lunch time. Smaller breakfasts keep your stomach small, while also keeping you satisfied. How do you make sure you're not dying of hunger then? Easy, fiber and protein! Healthy foods like eggs and nuts are packed with good nutrients that naturally keep you full longer.
Alessio Y.
In my opinion you shouldn't feel full. I think it's better to have a light breakfast, so you can feel fit for the first hours of the day. I think if you eat until you feel full, your body will use a lot of energy to handle your breakfast. If you feel very hungry before lunch you can have a healthy snack like some nuts.
Loretta W.
Don’t be afraid to eat well at breakfast. It’s the meal that is setting up the foundation for the rest of your day, so you want to choose a high-protein dish. Right now I’m eating an avocado half with an egg baked into the middle so I can get through my morning workout and following appointments without getting a headache or getting so ravenous I make bad choices.
Camille A.
I believe that it's wise to eat until you are 80 percent full whatever the meal. After some time you will feel satiated.
Rudolf F.
I am not certain of portion. I aim to be satisfied but not too full. The important thing for me to focus on is what foods give me energy and a boost for the day. For this reason I try to go low on refined carbs and starches, stick to an egg, fruit, yogurt, nuts, that type of thing. Hope that helps. Stay Fabulous!
Christian Z.
Eat enough so that you feel full but not stuffed or sluggish. This will be different for everyone, and will depend on what type of food you are eating.
Walter U.
On a vegan diet composed of fruit, roots, leaves, grains, legunes, seeds, nuts – I eat when I'm hungry and get on with life 🙂
Ilan Q.
I'm not a breakfast I'm not a breakfast person, but I prefer not to be full in the morning. The afternoon I think should be the more full meal of the day
Katerine P.
My rule is to be 80% full by the end of eating. And breakfast is not an exception. The portion size though might differ depending on whether I had my morning workout before the breakfast or not. Apparently I eat more if I I've attended gym/pool before.