How much preparing time ?

Toya N.
I didnt think of any preparation i just did what the app says and depending on the task needed you get prepared for example drinking water first thing in the morning need less than a minute to prepare a bottle of water by your bedside and so on..take one step at a time and calculate the preparation time for each and every task
The coaching lectures and letters pop up in the app upon completing a task or through the routine will give the time for each and every msg

Jimmie J.
I try to keep it simple so that the preparation time is as low as possible! Most of it I make in advance, so all I need to do in the morning is put some bread in the toaster and boil some water for tea.

Felix F.
To prep the brekkie I usually make, maybe ~2 minutes, max.

Grabbing the ingredients is easy and the only thing to prep in this meal is scrambling the eggs. I've decided that frozen hash browns can free up my time from prep AND from the cook time itself.

Using one pan to cook this entire meal is a plus on dishes used too!

Purity N.
Preparing for what ? Medition or drinking water in the morning ..
I prepare myself to rise early morning by recalling the thoughts , how peoples even my friends make fun of my insecurities , about my body and also many thing . Another thing is that i want better version of mine for myself because first love yourself .. I always spread love , kindness but it never came back . I available for everyone who needs but always everybody take me granted …so I just recall that, e you need to be better person for yourself because I
am good for everybody eccept my own self so I started taking care of myself first and another thing is if i wanna become something i should love myself .so I can be happy .
And for meditation I prepare myself within 2 min because it bring me peace ..
So preparing time for morning minimum 5 min.