I don’t know how to see if I am eating too much.

Rick F.
Food is fuel for your body. Eating good means eating enough for your body to get going through the day. Wherever you're hungry, eat something healthy and filling. Just avoid binge eating, that means eating too much. Personally, eating too much just means eating more food than you actually need, which depends for each person.
Love you, stay healthy and take care!
Tia N.
Well, I think this will help you because it has helped me along the way on learning how to portioning my food I mainly just eat everything in a bowl that way it will you know where to help me to To realize how much I’m actually eating I feel like if you just put your food on a plate you’ll put more than you need so when you put it in a bowl it’ll be a lesser amount because to you you’ll realize that it’s enough food in the bowl when you start doing that
Maryam U.
What does mean too much eating for you? Is there any physical signals in you body instant after finishing your meal? Like bloating, heavy breathing? Or long term signs like gaining weight?