Does it help to eat breakfast at the same time every morning?

Mara F.
I dont have my breakfast at the same time, for my work schedule is to volatile at the mornings, i would need to have breakast at 6 am in order to ensure having it at the same time
Ruben Q.
I suppose so as it creates a habit. I don't have a steady schedule due to work but I keep the same ritual as I wake up which includes my breakfast to start my day.

Hope it helps you too!

Didaco N.
It helps because then it’s a habit, just like waking up in the morning at the same time. The body will know when does it has to eat and take an energy.
Kathleen O.
I eat breakfast about the same time every morning as routine and a habit to keep up the behavior so there are no excuses or distractions to deter me from my goal
Clarisse O.
For me the answer is not so rigid. My days don’t always start at the same time, so instead of a set “this is breakfast time” I make it relative to my schedule. I eat about an hour after I wake up. If that’s 5:30, then breakfast is at 6:30. If that’s 7, then 8:00 etc. Not being legalistic helps me stick to my goals.
Mathilde P.
Yes, I would never eat breakfast and I would skip lunch every day. So, I would overeat at dinner time by eating a small breakfast cuts down on the overeating.
Milo I.
I guess, as it is also better to get up at the same time. I feel a natural clock making me awake and meanwhile asking for food. But there is no reason to be autistic about it… if one it’s not the same hour, it’s ok.
Edwin W.
When I make sure to eat within an hour of waking, I feel like I start my day fully fueled. It also sets the speed and intention of my day. When I eat a well-cooked breakfast at the table with my husband, the rest of my day usually follows at a slower pace, with self-care and human connection at the forefront.
Joe Z.
I think it probably does, though I don't as I have a varied routine with work, school runs and weekends where we try to eat together as a family..
August Z.
I like to assess how hungry I am when I wake up so sometimes I need to eat as soon as a wake up and other times I like to wait a bit and eat after I’ve had a chance to wake up a bit more.
Jeremy Z.
It may help but my schedule is not conducive to a strict schedule. During the week I wake at 7am to get my daughter off to school but often go back to sleep for a few hours. I am a director/voice and dialect coach and my evenings are spent at the theatre until about 11pm. I get home about 11:30 and then need time to wind down and do some laundry, etc. I often do not get to sleep before 1am (on a good night). I could try to eat every morning when I wake with my daughter but did not think it was good for my metibolism if I eat and go back to sleep. Thoughts?
Daniel E.
I dont always eat breakfast at the same time so I havent noticed any change. I will try doing that to see if there is any difference
Karla P.
It depends on how consistent your schedule is. I dont really have a consistent schedule. It differs on the day and week. But, yes, I believe that eating breakfast at the same time each morning is helpful for most people.
Aaron J.
Yes, but I was able to do it because I have a job and it make it easier to eat the breakfast in the same time and a healthy one
Alban Y.
It really does. It helps to establish the habit giving it its own space, instead of trying to figure out when will you have time in the morning to eat your breakfast
Louise C.
Pondering whether eating breakfast at the same time as opposed to at different times of the day is a difficult one- what with my specific challenges each morning. Some days I can jump out of bed and feel really ready for breakfast the other days the thought of breakfast or anything makes me feel sick. I guess that for a routine to be built, having breakfast at the same time would be more beneficial. Currently my goal is working on actually even having breakfast every day. If I can achieve that goal – it would be better than no breakfast at all.
Jamila F.
Yes. Eating at the same time has the following advantages:
1. Day is as per schedule, goes on schedule
2. Reduces chances of Reflux/ acidity
3. You have time to have a wholesome, unhurried breakfast
4. It becomes a habbit
Ol Via A.
I don’t try to bog my mind down with schedules. I generally do eat at the same time every morning, but I don’t think it matters when. Just eat when you’re hungry!
Marie N.
Eating breakfast at the same time definitely makes sure that the rest of my morning routine is on track. I am not sure if it helps with energy levels or health since I have only been practicing this for three days
Silje P.
I have found that I have slipped into a routine, where I get out of bed go to the toilet then straight to the kitchen to fix breakfast. It isn't always at the same time during the weekend. During the week I always aim to have eaten breakfast by 8am.
Rosemary S.
I don't know for sure but I think I read somewhere that your brain gets prepared around that time or something. Similar like you shouldn't study in your bed aka sleeping place etc.
Sofia F.
Oh it does. I believe sometimes the body tries to fit everything to its circadian rhythm. So it gets sleep at a particular time, it gets hungry at a particular time. So eating breakfast would give it a stability and also control the hunger cravings which come due to unpredictability in the eating schedule
Rom O Q.
I was already pretty into it, so I don’t know. The weekends will make a difference. And if I say “no” to breakfasts out, all the better.
Chester P.
I think having a morning routine helps keep you on track and makes it easier to automatically get all of your goals completed.
Bill U.
It helps because it creates a habit, and makes using it as an anchor for the next habit easier, but not always practicle depending on when I woke up and what I have first on my schedule
Iara Q.
I find that it helps to eat at the same time everyday. It's a nice routine, and it's easy to get into and one that's good for you.
Adriza Q.
For me I find I eat breakfast when I am hungry not all the time when i wake up exactly. Sometimes water holds me a while and won’t feel hungry
Elmides A.
I generally do eat breakfast at the same time everyday as its at the same point in my routine each day and my alarm goes off at the same time every day. I do think it's helped as in the odd occasion that I've started later or done my routine or of order I find it more difficult to get myself to eat. This maybe due to the fact that until I stated this journey I rarely ate breakfast at all.
Robin T.
Mi aiuterebbe milto riuscire a svegliarmi quando suona la sveglia. Ma spesso non riesco. Ho bisogno di circa 30 minuti per riuscire a staccarmi dal letto.
Anton C.
Eating your breakfast at the same time every morning will help you form a habit faster and will affect your metabolism gradually. However, don’t be too strict with the timing itself – sometimes breakfast has to be adapted to specific circumstances (school, job, family…)
Keep it up! 👏🏻
Proc Pio N.
Definitely yes! Makes me feel much more energetic at the morning. However it is quite tough to break habits exists for many years of you life. Still possible, anyway 😉
Edwin F.
No, it’s impossible for me to eat at the same time because of my busy schedule. I find that as long as I eat when I get up, it doesn’t matter what time.
Mah T.
I would say yes. Being in a routine has been essential to succeeding. Set an alarm, water by the bed and breakfast planned.
Andrew T.
Kind of. Far more important to me to get a routine and prepare food the day before. I eat an omelette I make in the microwave every morning. So healthy and easy. I chop vegetables the day before into tupperware and make sure a mug to make it in is clean. Has totally changed my mornings.