How soon after you wake up are you supposed to have breakfast to help you feel energized for the day?

Maddie O.
I usually have it as soon as possible, most likely because I take medication in the morning and it helps with acid reflex. Doing the water challenge was good for me because it reminds me to take my medicine and immediately after eat breakfast. During the school/work year I do water, exercise, then breakfast. This is because I do yoga in my room so it's easier to do it in that order. I always try to get all my yriangl

El A Q.
The sooner you can get that nutrition in your body, the sooner you can feel more awake and ready to face the day. I would say the best time is after doing other essential morning routine habits like drinking some water or brushing your teeth!

Liana F.
The first thing I do when I wake up is to have a glass of water.
Then I get changed, use the bathroom, wash my face and I have to express my dogs bladder (he's disabled) as soon as possible.
After setting up for the day then I like to take my time to prepare breakfast with mindfulness and enjoy it slowly. This should be around 40 minutes after I wake up

Santana Q.
I normally eat breakfast 30-45 minutes after i wake up, i like to go through a simple morning routine of getting ready for the day and eating is that last part before heading out to work or starting chores. My body does not let me eat as soon as i get up and if i wait to long i start ti get light headed so for me eating after im up for 30 minutes is the best, i am then awake and ready to energize myself.

Vale P.
Before I have breakfast I do a lot of things such as exercise, drink a lot of water, meditate and then I have breakfast. I think that it depends on your body and routine for example with my morning routine I feel very energized but maybe another person don't so it depends, I hope this helps you, bye

Licete F.
I drink 2-4 cups of water the first 2 hours after waking up. It gets digestion going, clears any waste cleaned up by my body repair overnight and gives me enough energy to do my morning routine. Then I eat. My body is hydrated and ready for food.

Macie P.
I'm not hungry right when I wake up, so I get ready for the day and even workout before eating breakfast, but its really up to you. I'd say anytime before 10am.

Mihai Q.
Depends on your cronotype. There are 4 types and each of them have different ways of conquering the day. Usually after a couple of hours if you wake up early.

Laurie R.
I usually wait about 15mins, that gives me enough time to gain my thoughts, have some water and decide what I’m actually in the mood for instead of making something and then changing my mind and throwing it out.

Angie T.
I’d say that once you wake up, have that water and wait for about 30 minutes. Your body needs to wake up it’s system, but once you hit being awake for 30 minutes is a prime time to either start making breakfast or eating a banana or trail mix. I typically take 30 minutes to make a big breakfast, so I’d say if you plan on eating something more than trail mix or a banana, give the body 30 minutes after wake up to prepare to make breakfast and then eat it, so about an hour after wake up. A lot of times, eating right after waking up causes nausea, and I mean eyelids open and down with trail mix (I’ve had my fair share of that case!) but also remember that sugary things like candy or muffins with loads of sugar can cause stomach unrest. I’d try out eating after 30 minutes and then listen to your body at that moment after you eat and also before lunch- your stomach shouldn’t grumble an hour before lunch! Good luck, I hope this helps! 😊

David Q.
I wake up between 7:00 and 7:30. I eat breakfast around 9:00. I find that I get a stomach ache if I eat breakfast too close to when I wake up so I give it at least an hour to two after waking up before I eat.

Liva Z.
I find that if I have it before I sort out my kids it’s easier. I used to so get my kids organised first and would run out of time to have my own.

Same C.
It depends on how I'm feeling that morning. Drinking water immediately after waking up is great and refreshing. But the timing for eating breakfast varies. I often take time to reflect on what happened the day before and then on the day ahead of me; watching the news is important to me also. Breakfast can come before, during or after these things.