I eat baked oatmeal sweetened with fruit most mornings, which is pretty easy to make and filling. But sometimes I want something else. Any suggestions of something healthy and filling?

Brian F.
Hard boiled or soft boiled eggs, 2 of then. With either whole grain toast cut into strips for dipping in the soft boiled egg, or to put
lightly salted and minced hard boiled egg on top of mixed with a little mustard. Top with a slice of swiss cheese.
Hanna U.
Fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & blackberries) with a small banana and a muller light Greek style yogurt. Measure and weigh berries. Mine comes to 280 calories for whole breakfast.
Hailey P.
Another filling alternative that I've food is healthy and delish is I eat about a cup/cup and a half of low sugar plain yogurt and add about 1/2 a cup of my favorite fresh fruits. I top it with some organic honey for natural sweeter and I add a teaspoon of flaxseed (the flaxseed is optional for sure) hope you enjoy!!! Inexpensive, fast, fueling and filling!
Roger Z.
I also eat oats with fruits and pumpkin seeds as breakfast most of the time. We could add yogurt and more fruits to make it more filling and healthy. Brown bread with peanut butter, chia seeds are also good add ons.
Eni Q.
I sometimes do hard boiled eggs. Boil half a dozen and great protein on the go with a hand full of mixed nuts. Or a banana and a spoon full of peanut butter. I also like plain Greek yogurt and I'll add honey to sweeten and add granola and fruits. Hope that helps.
June F.
Try an omelette packed with veggies and add cheese if u like 🙂 it's a great way to start your day and so easy to make. If you have a muffin-ovenplate, make many in the oven and save for later, easy peasy!
Franca Y.
I love greek yogurt, berries and granola. The granols adds a great crunch and the greek yogurt fills me up because it's high in protein.
My other quick go to is a toasted bagel with a hard poached egg and cheese.
Leslie O.
Eggs of all kinds. You can also try protein shake. I make breakfast out of it in the blender – one soup spoon oat flakes or bran flakes, sessame seeds or flax seeds, half a banana, some coconut oil, and one soup spoon vegan protein, fills me up until lunch.
Mia P.
Maybe you could eat an avocado sourdough toast with an hardboiled egg or a slice of smoked salmon if you prefer having a more hearty snack.
Abel U.
Have you tried protein pancakes? They can be made in advance, are still sweet and delicious. I usually do, 1 scoop of protein, mashed banana or pumpkin, egg whites, almond milk and vanilla essence
Beth J.
Eggs!! Eggs are so easy to make, you can make them a variety of ways, and they keep me full all morning. I ate two over medium eggs, a piece of whole wheat toast, and half a banana this morning and I feel great! Yesterday I made a scrambled egg with cheese and a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese! So good and so healthy!
Calvin B.
For a really quick and filling breakfast I toast some of Dave’s Killer bread and use a low sugar peanut butter with sugar free jam. Hope that helps!
Gabin N.
Introduce some healthy fats in your breakfast, it will fill you up and our body do need fatty acids for so many amazing things in our body. Coconut oil, avocado, even eggs.
Ted P.
Take boiled eggs, smoothies, ragi malt with jaggary, sandwitch, fruits, peeled almonds, milk. if you want any easy home made recipe follow fittuber channel
Jerry L.
Usually I would make an egg bowl! It has protein and it’s a healthy way to go depending on what you put in it! I usually put spinach, cheese, and a little bit of bacon in it! It tastes good and it’s healthy!
Emily J.
Usually, after breakfast i make a smoothie with soy milk, 20 almonds and a banana. That will give you a delicious kick of power during the day and enough healthy fats to keep the body working as it should!
Dietlind X.
You can try to make a smoothie with fruits of the season for example: in winter you can buy apples and other vegetables mix them together and drink it for breakfast.
Mateus F.
Try overnight oats, egg white omelet with veggies and cheese, cream of wheat, yogurt fruit and granola is always a favorite of mine.
Joshua U.
What works for me is 3 eggs, pre-cooked chicken (Applegate), pre-diced garlic, and some herbs from the garden all scrambled together. Takes 10 mins. Sometimes I add an apple or oatmeal for more carbs.
Tom Y.
You could make something more savory like bacon turkery or regular. Or add scrambled eggs with veggies. Make an omelet even.
Catherine T.
Make a frittata over the weekend. It can be packed with veggies and cut into pieces that are a quick easy breakfast throughout the week.
Darryl O.
I have never tried oatmeal before like that. I wonder of you could send me the recipe. I eat omelets with onions, tomatoes and spinach. Sometimes with calalloo.
Theda U.
You can have fresh fruits, like a salad or as fresh juices.mosly prefer protein food which will make you energetic all the day like peas,omlette,milk.. Etc
Charlotte Z.
You can always eat a toast bagel and have a nice glass of milk or orange juice to increase vitamins to get your energy level up. Also you could try just a bowl of fruit and some water or just having some eggs will do until around lunch time.
Luke O.
Try other cereals, for instance quinoa, it is one of the most valuable once, and easy in preparing. You can even eat it cold, adding to vegetables.
Russell J.
I love to make my own smoothies the night before. I use a base of oats, banana and coconut milk, chia seeds and nut butter. This really filling and packed with full of fibre, protein and omega 3’s. You can then add cacao powder or raspberries etc. to change the flavour and add extra punch ☺️ I place them in a glass jar so I can grab & go in the morning. This saves time and means I don’t wake up the family with my blender. Hope that helps!
Maurice C.
This morning I made a banana an peanut butter smoothie with almond milk and vanilla protein powder and it was the yummiest of alk
Livio U.
A great option is to roast some spinach and other greens whatever you have at home with beans for example, or a bell pepper. I love to add baked or poached egg, tuna and eat all that with a rye bread toast.
Claire P.
Another sweet option is fruit cut into small pieces and covered with nuts, seed, chia, and yogurt. Savoury option is a soft-boiled egg mixed with avocado pieces and chia.
Lee P.
I like to make my own breakfast sandwiches. I make them all for that week on Sunday. I use a roll, egg, vegan sausage patties, and some cheese.
Dean Z.
I’m not sure if you are a vegan but something I really enjoy is the feeling of protein filled option of hard-boiled eggs for an egg white scramble. I like to include veggies in my scrambles to get that extra boost first thing in the morning. A side of fruit completes the meal. Protein and fruit first thing always give me a great start to the day rather than a heavy carb load.
Paige Q.
Bananas are great, mixed nuts, apples, yogurt. Theres alot of things you can get creative with in the mornings. This is such a great question! Thank you for asking!
Kurt T.
Eggs will keep you feeling full for a long period of time. With a side of fruit is always nice, to get that extra bit of water before starting your day.
Victor F.
Homemade granola is fantaaastic, you can always reduce/substitute sweetners when you make it, and I love it with fruit as well. A lot of times I'll also eat a boiled egg to get some protein in as well. I also like to make smoothies, I'll use frozen fruit, protein powder, milk or water, orange juice concentrate, or sometimes peanut butter if it's a banana/chocolate smoothie.
Alexia Y.
I alternate between a pair of fruit with two servings of Greek yogurt, and a pair of fruit with scrambled eggs. I find the combination quite satisfying, without a mid-day lull/crash. Water, or for a nice boost – coffee, makes for the trifecta
Lilly C.
I love eggs for breakfast. I keep frozen onions and peppers in the freezer so I can make a quick veggie scramble or breakfast tacos. Greek yogurt with a drizzle of maple syrup and you’re favorite fruit (I like moment with blueberries). Think beyond breakfast food, too. There isn’t no rule that Kodiak cakes hasn’t a great line of waffles that are loaded with protein to carrying you through. Don’t be afraid to think beyond breakfast foods, too! 😉
Carter T.
One large egg, extra egg-white, shaved deli ham, minced onion & peppers, with a thin shaving of super delicious cheese and Paris/Fox seasoning.
Molly U.
One of my favorite breakfasts is egg toast! Get some wheat bread and toast it and then put scrambled eggs on it, and you can dress it up however u want. I like to do a layer of guacamole and the eggs on top of that with salsa! Also a bed of spinach on the bottom layer is delightful :3c
Herman P.
I make a baked egg dish w veggies which is sort of like quiche or frittata but made with cottage cheese instead of cream. It is easy and you can bake in a pie plate then heat up a slice each day or even make in muffin tins and have enough ready for the week. They also freeze pretty well. Or make ahead muffins (I am using half almond flour for regular flour and lots of berries) which is a variation from the oatmeal and fruit idea. Another sweet idea is whole wheat toast w nut butter and fruit on the side. And now that summer is here, frozen fruit can be very refreshing. I love to have a cup of frozen cherries mixed into a serving of plain greek yogurt . . It is almost like eating ice cream!
Andr A O.
Eggs! Whatever way you like them!- I find 2 sunny side up eggs in a bowl over some fresh arugula or spinach with some hemp seeds sprinkled on top when I am running out the door for work to be one of my best meals to have before work 🙂 I find I feel really filled and nourished throughout my shift and don’t get hungry.
Burkhard J.
Personally I really like smoothie bowls, it's just a thick smoothie in a bowl topped with anything you would like. It fills you up fast and is healthy too if you add no sugar. I also like avocado toast with a fried egg and sometimes I have some coconut yogurt (no sugar) with some granola and fruit. Feel free to customize it however you would like it! Hope this helps! 🙂
Guy T.
Boiled eggs and some turkey slices are quick and tasty. They do the trick on a rushed morning. Otherwise, the evening before, I dump thick Greek yogurt into a container with muesli and almond coconut milk, stir, & chill. Breakfast is ready to roll!
Mariola X.
I love making little crustless quiches or egg muffins as some people call them. Whisk together some eggs, milk, cheese and if you’d like, veggies, meat or both , bake in a muffin tin at 350 or so till set. You can freeze them for several weeks and have a quick microwaveable breakfast ready in moments.