How do you develop your habits in the mornings?

Mr E.
I believe in myself that I can only bring change in me so I try them every single day and they happen to become part of my life from then and then

Felix T.
I like to set up reminders or write notes down for the morning so that the first thing I think of is the habits I’m developing. I used to wake up and my mind would wander, now when I wake up I think right away “drink some water, have some breakfast, do some exercise.” It’s also useful to make these habits as easy as you can do your more inclined to do them. Set some water by your bed, have an idea what you want for breakfast or do meal prep the day before, set up all your exercise equipment and clothes the night before so you don’t have to in the morning. Simple things like that make a surprising impact on helping develop habits.

Vicky J.
I feel a new person, this is my deram coming true ❤️, I always wanted to have my day organized, and with this app, is accomplishing what I wanted!!!