Sometimes being busy, I forget to eat. How can I encourage myself to have breakfast?

Hans Uwe F.
Choose what you want for breakfast the night before and pick what time you will have breakfast in the morning. You can even prep it the night before too!
Randie O.
I started doing overnight oats. That way it's ready in the morning and I just have to heat it up! Keeps me full till lunch too
Rapha L E.
I put a sticky note on the crack of the door I leave from each morning with the word “breakfast” on it. That way, I see it right before I head out in case I forgot. Prepping the meal the night before makes it much easier as well.
Ma L T.
Hi! I suggest you to prepare your brekkie the evening before.prepare something good but delicious like a yummy apple's porridge. You'll dream of it and the next morning you will desire to eat it as soon as you wake up 🤗
Marina O.
Just set reminder, get up earlier, eat later and while getting ready for the day think about what do you want to make for breakfast. Make yourself want food
Anna B.
I always eat my breakfast. This has been a habit of mine for forever. When i am busy and can’t make a breakfast in the morning i made my breakfast the night before!
Jacob P.
Hey I know all about being busy. And I even have an odd sleep schedule. What I really found to help me out a lot was just eating something simple. It’s not always the tastiest, but it provides the energy you need to last throughout your day. A banana and a handful of nuts will suffice, but you really want try to get a few eggs per day in also. Avoid heavy processed sugars, aim for the natural! Hope this helps.
Cyndi J.
Well, I think of my kids first. I send them to school and I need their brains to work so I make sure they eat before they go, so they do well. I then remind myself that goes for me too. I need my brain to work, not just be a good mom but to take care of me, and I need to do and want to get or give in this life.
Then I think about wanting to lose weight and I want to skip breakfast. But I heard, and am learning that a good protein based breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism. So the earlier you eat, the more you burn the rest of the day. So in stead of doing 0-20 your body’s doing 0-60! Not literally, but that’s the theory. So, more energy, more brain power, Hopefully soon more ability to prepare those breakfasts!
Kaitlin X.
Same! I think planning out what you're going to eat and preparing it helps a lot. I know I will be more likely to have breakfast if I have a protein shake ready to just grab and go then if im unprepared and just vaguely thinking I might prepare some eggs. Some easy things I have for breakfast are protein shakes, Greek yogurt, egg cups (meal prepped and ready to heat and eat), and low sugar varieties for instant oatmeal!
Stephanie A.
It’s easier when you stick to having breakfast at the same time every day so you don’t forget and it helps prevent decision fatigue
Valdemar B.
I think the key is to make it easy for yourself! Find a breakfast option you love that you can grab on your way out the door, like a great protein bar or something you meal prepped.
Priscila P.
I need to ensure that I already have the ingredients readily available. I also need to make sure I wake up early to give myself time to plan, prepare and eat breakfast at home
Christa N.
Oh this question is for me!!! I was in the same boat and by 4:00pm or 5:00pm I got so hungry I ate anything and too much. I often had take out because I was too hungry to cook. Meanwhile I had food at home that turned into a science project. I had the best of intentions…If this sounds familiar then keep reading…
Google breakfast ideas. For me, it’s quick and easy. I had a banana with peanut butter this morning but a hard boiled egg or two is my go to. Sunday’s I make muffing or squares to go with the egg for the week. I also like left over roasted veggies and an over easy egg. I pack a lunch or snacks like nuts, hard boiled eggs, chopped up veggies, chicken, leftovers,… then I am not starving and cook dinner. Sunday’s I make a meal plan. It really helps. To safe time, I have my groceries delivered. I make larger portions and freeze them in single size portions for the nights I don’t feel like cooking. I hope that helps. Get creative. I think the bottom line is to take the time an led plan. I do that Sunday’s first thing with my coffee and have my groceries delivered later that day. I wash and chop them before putting them away. It speeds up dinner time.
Willard T.
Make your breakfast from the evening so you don't have the feeling that you have to make it. Set alarms to eat. And even have maybe someone else (a friend or someone you talk to daily) to remind you to eat. (They'll definetly agree if they genuanly care about you)
Juliette P.
Breakfast is the most important thing to start the day, wake up 15 mins earlier and u gonna see u can have a nice and quick breakfast..try it!