Do you have any tricks about preparing breakfast the night before? But not oatmeal, I’m not a big fan of it. I usually don’t have enough time in the morning.

Pablo Q.
I'll pull out everything I need to be ready. For eggs for example, I'll pull out a pan, season it, get butter ready, pre-chop veggies then throw them all in the pan and cook for 5 minutes while coffee brews

Alice X.
I’m not a good breakfast maker. I lean toward convenience (bob evans turkey sausage and egg white breakfast sandwiches) or eaaaaaaaaasy (banana + peanut butter OR yogurt plus berries/granola). I’m a huge fan of leftovers for breakfast as well as hard boiled eggs and fresh pre-cut veggies.

Deanna J.
I make a protien fruit smoothie. I measure out my protien and fibre powder the night before. I'll leave a jar of nuts beside the the blender. Add a couple or nuts, handful frozen berries and water.

Lex P.
You can make breakfast burritos the night before. Experiment with tasty. Salsa different tortillas. 45s in microwave or 3 min in toaster. Prep on weekend. You can make egg muffins too. Those are fun!! 21 day fix has some tasty recipes that are protein loaded. Good luck!! Sounds like you are doing it!! We rock!!!

Peter N.
Try a parfait. Fill a small mason jar with (non-dairy) yogurt and top it with fruits of your choice. I like to switch it up between mixed berries, banana, mango, and sauteed apple or pear. Sprinkle some granola on top. It's a great breakfast for when you're on-the-go!

Venus R.
Actually I don't like having a breakfast. But I'm eating bread, honey and I don't like salad too but I'm eating cucumber. And a coffee. I think that's a great breakfast.

Monique Z.
How about preparing a nice fruit salad the night before? In the morning just add a little bit of Yoghurt and you are good to go! Another idea would be to always have hard boiled eggs in the fridge. You could even peel them the night before and then have them with fruit or vegetables or even a little bit of bread. Hope this helps!

Carl P.
I usually just have a plan and tend to eat the same 3-4 items. Banana bread or bread-type items are good to prepare ahead of time and usually you can freeze the banana bread. I love eggs and bacon. You can make breakfast bowls ahead of time and then microwave them. Lastly, smoothies are easy, quick, and can sometimes be made ahead the night before and kept in the refrigerator. I hope this helps.

Valdemar W.
Most of the time, If it’s a hot meal, I put it in a container and put it in the fridge the night before so I can reheat in the morning. And if it’s a room temperature meal, I set out what I’m going to eat it in and put the food inside of it. (If it’s a plate or bowl with out a lid I put the food in a separate container so no germs get on it 🙂 )
Hope This Helped!

Cortney U.
Boil some eggs. Cut up some fruit the night before to throw in a cup of yogurt, fresh oatmeal, or a smoothie, on a piece of toast w/PB or almond butter, or just to eat the fruit itself or in combo with some mixed nuts.

Toni S.
Choose a specific time the night before when you know know you'll have time to prep. Set an alarm if need be, goals should be as specific as possible otherwise a vague one can fall off easily. Have boiled eggs ready to go in your fridge, pack some peanut butter and nuts the night before and just grab an apple/banana in the morning. You can also have string cheese ready to go in the individual packs or you can cut some cheese cubes the night before. A healthy whole grain cereal with almond milk and fruits/nuts is also a quick way to eat in the morning without having to prep.

Leonni Y.
I ussually have to cut my vegetable one day before i cook. Then i will save it on fridge. Every morning i only need to mixed it, put some onion, egg, salt and pepper. Ussually it only need around 30minutes to cook it. It will save a lot of time, i think.

Gloria N.
I don’t usually prepare breakfast at night, but it I would have to I would leave the coffee maker almost ready, the cup next to it. Fill my water bottle and leave it in fridge chilling. For food I would separate yougurt on container and on another container I would make a mix of fruits ready to be mixed with yougurt In the morning.

Rose Z.
Sure! You can buy things (or make something if you have ingredients) the night before. Like buy protein bars or granola. Usually, granola is pretty cheap! Or grab a yogurt. Even something as simple and filling as a pb&j on wheat bread could be a great start!

Mary O.
An egg bake of some kind may help. Make a whole sheet of it once a week and wrap them how you want. Or maybe make and freeze breakfast burritos. You can make them your way and they are hand held quick moving food.

Yesmine Z.
I usually prepare my breakfast in the morning or mum does it for me but i think if you prepared the ingredients at night you will find it easy or try to make breakfast at night with and make a big quantity of it so that you can eat it today tomorrow or the day after that. Hope i helped u