What are the benefits of eating breakfast vs intermittent fasting until lunch?

Burkhardt X.
The beneits are:
• You get some energy
• You don't feel hungry till lunch
• Your mood can change on what you're having like if umake your favourite breakfast your mood is good during the day but if u don't like it your day may not be as good

Nolhan Z.
Well personally it made me feel more energized rather than just barley making it till lunch to eat. It’s also a great way to wake up ur body and keep it going consistently for hours whereas intermittent fasting will get through a couple of short hours.currently eating breakfast daily has made me seen beneficial results ,so it’s a daily habit now.

Michelle Z.
Well they say that you should have breakfast so what I do is after I had dinner I start fasting for 14 hours and then I have breakfast

Ernest F.
The benefits of eating breakfast make us feel refreshed and fresh to start the day whereas intermittent fasting until lunch makes us feel good and helps us lose weight

Bibliothecas N.
In my mind it is better to start your day off with something to give you energy and get your metabolism going. When you wait to eat your metabolism is still stalled and won’t burn off nearly as much as if you ate breakfast but not lunch.

Jonathan P.
The very purpose in mind is not burduned, while intermittent fasting we always had it on mind that we are fasting n will be eating at 4 pm say, so basically our mind in always into thinking about eating, which i think other creatures on planet also do.
What makes us different is our capabilities of mind to do much more than thinking about eating.

Charline T.
When you first wake up, you are waking up from a 6-8 hour fast. That is a long time. Gige your body a kickstarter so it can carry you until lunch.