What’s something quick that I can take to work?

Sunshine Q.
Granola bars are great because you can take them anywhere! You can store them in your purse or even your pocket! Another idea is muffins. Muffins are very easy to take with you. I also recommend smoothies. Since smoothies are a beverage, they are one of the easiest and most nutritious things to have for breakfast. You can put fruit and vegetables in them, and for extra protein, add protein powder!
Caridad E.
The key is just to meal prep. That way u do all the work when u have time to and aren’t worried about meals throughout the week.
L Andre Y.
something quick i can take to work is a positive mindset and water bottle. mindset is controllable by me, and i can make it a good day based on perspective. a water bottle will also help me stay hydrated and keep my blood flowing to help get through the day.
Vanessa F.
You can take fruit,granola bars,oatmeal,smoothie, also water (don’t forget it),or trail mix of nut and you can put it in a small container,or prepare something the day before
Ida U.
Leave my puone downstairs, no dostractions – focus and calm. I think keeping things sinple is what i can take yo work. Making things rasier for me. Witing and lesrning
Jalashia Z.
If you like you can take cherry danish or a few granola bars, Or in advance over the weekend or the day before you can make breakfast muffins( biscuit eggs and bacon or sausage or some type of fruit or zucchini muffin) if u can and place the in a Ziploc bag in refrigerate it or freeze it, up to you.
Sharon P.
I usually do a green apple with peanut butter. If I have a little extra time, I’ll whip up a quick eggs and breakfast sausages.
Thea N.
I like to make hummus and take some chips or veggies. That helps me feel full and not eat crappy food. I also recently like having fresh fruit.
Dean S.
I make enough scrambled eggs for a few days, and before I leave or the night before pack salsa and shredded cheese to add to them
Anastasia F.
If you're talking about breakfast, I like to boil eggs the night before and peel them before you store them in the fridge. When I go to work I'll grab a hard boiled egg, a handful of almonds or other nuts (besides peanuts) and slice up an apple and throw it all in a bag to eat on the way to work. Hope this helps! 👏👏👏
Christina U.
Fruit is as always a quick healthy option. I like quinoa because you can cook at home in advance and heat up or eat cold with whatever topping or dressing depending on your taste.
Miriam Q.
Fruit, a yoghurt and a bottle of water. Also a banana Ryveta crackers and peanut butter is a very filling and healthy lunch
Clifton E.
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Nicoline E.
An apple and a spoonful of peanut butter is really quick. I tend to eat the spoonful before zI leave and then eat the apple on my commute.
Sarah T.
For breakfast on the go, there are a few choices that you can take or even pick up at the supermarket. An apple and banana, some mixed nuts if you dont have any fruits or even a protein bar.
Leda C.
Instant oats:
1/2c oats
2tbsp chia seeds
3/4c almond milk
2tbsp honey
Mix together night before or morning of
Throw some berries on top- I use frozen. They melt by the time you eat them 🙂
Terrance U.
If it's breakfast then fruit is always a solid shout as it doesn't require anything else. If it's a packed lunch, a simple sandwich can be a quick solution. Alternatively, you could buy a pot of fresh soup to microwave and bring a spoon if one isn't available at work. If you can make weekly meals then you can box up something the night before, ready to run with you in the morning.
Filippa N.
Waking up early.
If you can achieve that goal, it will change your life.
Soon you will realize that you have more energy and better mood. You’re gonna have more time to read, exercise, meditate, eat breakfast and actually enjoy the moment.
Time is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.