What would be the perfect vegan breakfast on the go?

Alexa F.
I love cashewgurt with granola on top and fruit. Chia seed pudding is also a great choice. Both of those also can be customized based on what tastes you like best

Brittany N.
A vegan breakfast on the go, can be as simple as a toast – avocado toast, add chia seeds, cayenne, and salt & pepper or; a Nut butter. Toast peanut/almond/cashew, top it off with bananas or apple slices.

Lisa A.
Overnight oats, with a milk substitute like oat, soy or pea milk. Added blueberries or strawberries make a flavorful and perfect on the go morning breakfast.

Wallace G.
I would personally say a big plate of fruits and some nuts. They give you a lot of protein which is harder to get if you are vegan or vegetarian.

Greice Z.
You could make a nut bar … I’ll have a look for a recipe
125g cranberries
175g chopped dates
200ml water
120g coconut butter
3 tblsp maple syrup
250g porridge oats
2 tblsp desiccated coconut
3 tblsp seeds
Boil fruit in water then melt coconut butter and syrup
Mix all ingredients together
Bake 25/35 mins
Allow to cool (10mins) before cutting into squares

Ida Z.
There's nothing quicker than a healthy smoothie for the go, you can add greens or just make it simple like milk (any oat/coconut works) , whole oats, banana or mango or berry.
That's a recipe that doesn't fail, any nut, nut-based milk and 1 or 2 fruits does it. If you can add soy or vegan protein is better. Just pour into a travel reusable cup and you are done!

Mariam F.
I would say, brown toast with avocados, salt, capers, and salmon. Now i know this isn't vegan, but I have no plans to be vegan.

Primitivo I.
Breakfast smoothies can be, incredibly nutritious, customizable to your tastebud preferences
and can be prepped days in advance to help save time. On Sunday, put together baggies of your favorite smoothie ingredients (kale, spinach, berries, pineapple, etc.) Then store them in an easy to access/see location in your fridge. Make sure your blender is prepped each night as well. Don't leave yourself an excuse to skip.
Also, try adding in some veggie based protein powder to help keep you feeling fuller longer!

Angelina Z.
A good breakfast for someone who is vegan is something with a lot of protein. For example try something thing with beans or avocados that’s a good fat maybe a berry out meal something like that

Alfred Y.
Maybe a fruit salad made prior? Or those pot porridges you pop on the microwave for a minute. Granola bars. Or just a pot of cereal/granola. If you have time before, make something beforehand so it's ready in the morning.

Adrien E.
I prefer to start with a detox drink that is made of soaked chia seeds in water. This is rich in omega and has antioxidants property.

Next fruit is a wonderful thing to start with could Apple, banana or anything that's convenient. Apart fruits I love taking granola with almond milk as I am not able to take dairy milk due to IBS issues. Oats makes a healthier choices and when it comes to taking a morning drink post workout I love green tender coconuts. Through out the day I sip green tea.

Esther F.
I myself would go for some toast(idk how bread is vegan or if there is vegan bread I myself not being vegan) put some banana or avocados and it's basically finished. Or just make jars of overnight oats (I want to try that but can't right now) just make a bunch of mini jars of overnight oats and eat it on the go with different flavors.

Art P.
On the go is all about quickness and simple ness, I would recommend a simple protein or energy bar, a smoothie or even a a quick bowl of cereal with some almond milk.