How do you stay motivated to eat healthy throughout the day?

Christin O.
It makes me feel good. Physically and mentally. It is good to know that my body is getting all it needs to recover from a previous physical activity and keep me ready for the next physical activity.
Sara C.
Surely sometimes I lost my motivation but usually I try to think at the final result, think how my body will be at the end of the journey. Some treats sometime can be good to proceed convinced
Sara G.
By making to-do list, reminding myself of why I’m doing this and how I’ll feel when I achieve what I want and most importantly by my Fabulous app💖
Aziz X.
Make sure to have enough healthy ingredients/options in the house. Healthy is about getting all the right nutrients and listening to what your body needs. Sometimes, your may need a tiny bit of sugar. Don't ignore that. But don't over do it. And even if you cheat once, its okay. Be kind to yourself and do better next time. You've got this.
Xisto Z.
I try to focus on how the foods I eat make my body feel- whether they make me feel energized or sluggish, whether I'm satisfied after or still craving something else.
Anna F.
Honestly, gotta set up for success. Do NOT buy or have food in your space/home that are not compliant with your new lifestyle you are pursuing or are foods that you know you have a hard time moderating. Find healthy alternatives to the cravings you are looking for (example: crunchy/salty vegetables with dip, sweet fruit and nuts etc.)
Ariadna T.
Me siento mejor durante el día además de que me mantengo sin culpas y disfruto mucho más lo que estoy comiendo, me da energía y mi metabolismo funciona muchísimo más rápido, por lo que me siento ligera, delgada y con ganas de seguir comiendo sano.
Lilian F.
I don't. I'm not constantly motivate for it, as if it's something I have to actively think about all the time. I think if I stressed that much about being healthy for each meal it would be unhealthy haha. I usually just don't think about it while I'm distracted. Also fruits and such are cheaper and better options in their own ways so if I have then available I just automatically eat that without thinking more of it. Just make a good foundation so that you don't have so many unhealthy options
Lorraine T.
I think about my long-term goals and about how long I have punishing my body with bad food. I think of my long-term health and how I would want to see my physical body fit at least once before I die.
Summer E.
Make healthy food that tastes good! It may be obvious, or not. Look up healthy recipes and have fun in the kitchen! Put on music, dance as you cook etc. Make each meal fun!!
Kai F.
Honestly, I don't. I just try my best to pick the least unhealthy option when I eat. Having healthy options easier to access than unhealthy ones also helps when deciding.
Amelia O.
A deep breath or two.
Having healthy options in the place.
Infusing curiosity, care and calmness into the food preparation process.
I enjoy the whole process of preparing, serving, enjoying the colours and textures.
I wish you can celebrate food with me.
Anna S.
I’d make a pinterest board with healthy snacks & meals, come up with concrete ideas and go grocery shopping so I have all the ingredients I need at hand. You’ll notice eating healthy will just feel good for your body. I started eating nuts rather than cookies and now I’m craving nuts more easily than I’d eat cookies, even if both are present. Good luck!
Kuno A.
I've been feeling down and no good about my body for so long that I had enough and thought it was time to make a change. So I try to think of the future ahead that if I do this my life will be better on the long run
Jacob Y.
Sometimes I end up caving and eating all the sweets and biscuits in sight but I try not to be hard on myself if I do that and acknowledge that as long as I don't do it all the time it's okay and eating healthy is about progress you can't wake up and just change you have to do it gradually. I started by making sure my breakfast was healthy and that I take fruit with my lunch for work and then j build on it when I feel like I am able to. Keep going you can do it!!
Asami S.
Its better to have a timetable to do it, you can arrange the to dos before you sleep in the fabulous app or other apps or hand written. I prefer hand writen the to do and wtite what and how i did it. And once perday, i let out a small amount of time to do a short term project or a small activity like listening to a musicians album or try drawin a page of comic. The gratitude practice is good too, and you should try. It makes you want to keep motivated and do healthy studf in order to feel positivity and refreshness in life ^^