Is caffeine okay, or not recommended?

Gabriela I.
Is okay if you know how to balance the amount that is good for your health. As everything in life, balance is the secret to allow us enjoy without guilty

Herm Nio A.
Not recommended, it would be better to get the fuel for the day from healthy nutritious foods, however caffeine is a luxury that me and many people love

Rahel G.
I think it's worth trying it and seeing how your body responds. Everyone is effected by caffeine a little bit differently, so it's worth experimenting with the amount of caffeine one day, and seeing how your body feels. Another day, try drinking it in the evening or afternoon vs the morning to get a gauge on how it long it takes for the effects to wear off. Good luck!!!

Yolanda Z.
For me, caffeine is not okay. I do not recommend it because it can be an addiction. Like my situation right now, I don't like this habit anymore. But caffeine can help you to focus.