It takes time to prepare a great breakfast. How do you minimize the time it takes?

Katrine C.
To minimize breakfast-making time, the best thing to do would be to prepare it ahead of time. For example, if you were going to have oats with chopped pecans, almonds, and raisins, you could get the nuts and raisins ready in a bag the night before, maybe along with some dry oats. Then, all you have to do in the morning is warm the mix up with some milk or water.
Sidra N.
I dont always have the time to prep a great breakfast so i just take an banana or an Apple an if i dont have time for that then i eat free breakfast on school
Scarlett Q.
I do exersize with an empty stomache. Before exersize, I measure and get ready all ingredients I need. When its time to eat, all i need is mixing all together and push the button.
Wesley W.
I usually keep it simple. Some whole grain crispbread with peanut butter or cheese spread, or a simple fried egg. I dislike many flavours combined in general so simple but nutritious breakfasts are a go to for me.