Do you vary what you eat every morning?

Jade U.
I would like to but most time i'm too unmotivated to go to the grocery store and buy things to make a variety of breakfast dishes

Malka Y.
I eat various foods depending what I have available to me. For instance, on the weekends, I have the time to cook something for fancy such as French toast, omelets, pancakes and more but on the weekdays I normally have to eat things that take less time to prepare. However, I always make sure I’m eating the right foods like fruit everyday and grains and more so I’d say as long as u are happy with what u are eating and ur body is happy with it to, varying ur foods is great!

Em Lio N.
I do vary what I eat every morning because most times I wake up in the afternoon and skip breakfast but when I am awake I eat depending on how hungry or full I get when I eat.

Th O O.
I usually have a protein shake or seaweed and cottage cheese. Not amazing but I would like to include more greens and healthy fish.

Ranveli J.
I like to eat different things every single day, and maybe because I’m a Gemini, or just my personality, I really hate routines in general. I like to start of each day differently by making it not boring.

Jen J.
I don’t I go through phases with foods lol. I go weeks eating the same thing until I find something else that peaks my interest

Jenny A.
It all depends on what is there at home. While there are some days when I continue eating the same thing every day, the thing usually differs from time to time.

Gina P.
For the most part I eat 2 eggs, either scrambled or hard boiled, and an apple. Today I drank a protein shake with skim milk. I try to push protein, especially since I’ve never been a breakfast eater until I started Fabulous.

Beth P.
Water is what I start my day with always, that doesn't change. But later in the day when I eat I vary between nondairy yogurt and fruit. But do what's best for you and what your body's calling for.

Yumi N.
Kinda. I normally have eggs, meat, fruit, and bread. How the eggs are made, depends. What meat we have depends. Fruit assortment is what's in the fridge. Bread is also whatever we have. Sometimes I skip the bread

Allie I.
I eat the same breakfast some mornings but sometimes I don’t even eat breakfast. Some mornings I feel like being special and eating something other than cereal.

Carolina P.
Sometimes I don’t eat but in the morning I learned sunny side eggs are my favorite and I prefer salty over sweet and i dont like heavy foods. For breakfast I can have 2 eggs and some fruit or just a simple bowl of cereal sometimes I mix it up and eat soup like cup of noodles or left overs but i don’t think it matters what I eat as long as the fast is broken

Kylian E.
normally i vary what i eat, depending on if i hav enough energy. lately i’ve been loving to make smoothies, yogurt parfaits, and eggs and toast. i think that it’s important to make a nutritious meal that will keep your body energized for the day.

Anya Z.
Yes, it depends how I feel when I wake up. Sometimes breakfast can make me feel abit sicky so I have cereal and other days I feel like I can have a full English breakfast. I tend to go on and off from craving fruits to dairy. So every day I tend to have a different breakfast and so it’s not boring and whatever I feel is best for the start of my day.

Priscila Q.
Not really. Only on weekends when I can have a slow morning and get creative about it. Otherwise I follow the quickes and simples morning breakfast routine.

La S O.
If I can, yeah. If I only have eggs and bananas for the week, that’s what I’ll have. If I have other things, I’ll vary.
Can’t always buy diverse foods, cuz things are hella expensive. But I try not to buy junk so that’s not my go-to.

Bertha F.
I would say so. Sometimes it's as simple as an egg and fruit, sometimes its a breakfast burrito, and sometimes it's Cheryl's.