What do you usually eat? I’m stuck with scrambled eggs. It’s tasty and all, but it gets dull pretty fast.

Randall T.
Fruits as its a great source of all nutrients dont forget to add dry fruits & nuts in your diet. Try some sugar free acai bowls(if u don't want to eat only fruits, but acai bowls are mixture of all the fruits you can top it with any nuts), healthy home made milkshakes, salads, raw cucumber, sugar free lemonade
Fernando Z.
English muffin with a baked egg and Swiss cheese and Canadian bacon.

Next week will be multigrain waffles until I get the protein bars in

Corinne E.
Oats with fruit and yogurt/almond milk + flaxseeds, hemp seeds, whatever nuts on top (walnuts, almonds etc), and then a drizzle of honey

Sweet potatoes, sunny side up eggs, and sautéed spinach or kale

Smoothie 🙂

Charbaa M.
I usually just eat a bagel and cream cheese, nothing special but sometimes my mom does make me an egg sandwich, i’m fine with any breakfast though
Claudette O.
For breakfast today I had what is currently my favorite vanilla yogurt with raspberries, wanuts, and blueberries with water as a beverage.
L Rke N.
Eat oats/granola with a bowl of yogurt or greek yogurt. Add a banana, nuts, a little cinnamon or vanilla, figs, or any other fruits/berries that you like!
Bartholom Us U.
A toast with avocado on it, I add scramble eggs and Spinach too! It is delicious! I am also eating cerral with a yogurt full of proteins! I am full for the rest of the day after that! If you got tired of the scramble eggs maybe you can just cook the eggs differently?
Zada C.
Here in Italy it’s common to have a sweet breakfast. I usually get warm milk with orzo bimbo, i don’t know the exact translation of it since it’s a typical italian product, but it’s a coffee substitute and it’s VERY good! I eat fruit or toasted fresh bread with cherry/berry jam.
Michael P.
I keep a mix of breakfasts. Wheatbix, oats, muesli, or a cereal. Berries, peaches, apple. Milk or yogurt. Then I can mix them up as I feel.
Alyssia T.
I like to eat a mixture of fruits or veg with every meal if I can, especially with breakfast. Along with that I’d have toast and bacon is good I’m almost every meal 🙂
Ella F.
I don't eat the same every day. What I eat depends on what mood I get up in the morning. Sometimes it's porridge, sometimes it's a dairy product, other times it's a sandwich or eggs in various forms.
Lea F.
I ate a heavy break fast. Today's manu is steam rice with mashed pumpkin and eggplant. It's a bengali dish. I enjoyed my breakfast a lot.
Travis J.
I eat a lot of food. Sometimes I will eat eggs with bread and some milk. Or cereal with milk. I eat scramble eggs too but not to often. Try to eat variety food. You can also eat fruit. Just don't stick to one food. You will get boring with it.
Maddison F.
I usually eat breakfast bars! They’re quick and I can grab them easily with no cooking. The only downside is that they’re pretty sugary
Hiba Y.
Coffee, milk, baguettes, brioches, cheese buns, sweet and salted biscuits, yogurt, cereal, cake, butter, jam, honey, cheese, ham, tropical fruits and chocolate cake. That's what I get every day. This is interesting for those who want to keep healthy.
Anna Marie J.
Eggs, I combine them often with avocado or cheese or tomato, or all together. You can find suuuuper simple and fast recipes everywhere online. I also choose on other days to eat oatmeal with yoghurt or milk and I add chia seeds, different types of nuts, fried fruits, and fresh fruits. But not all together, I vary every time. Some things I always add and with other I vary, also depending on the season which fruits I like or can buy at the shops. Another thing you could try, if you have a blender, is to make smoothies. Type your favorite ingredients in Google, add the words smoothie and recipe, and see what Google comes up with as yummy recipes. Good luck and enjoy!
Ellen O.
I get it 😆 Scrambled eggs are the best but it gets boring. Well, I try not to make them taste always the same way. I vary between adding cheese, bacon, other types of lunch meat, as well as vegetables like onions, spinach, and peppers.
Or I make them differently. Boiled, Omelette…
If I don't eat eggs, I may eat a chicken hot dog, a can of tuna, or bacon.
⟭⟬ ⟬⟭ N.
Well, I mostly eat bread with Jam/Jelly. Or some chocolate heh. I did eat peanut butter with jelly, but I got allergic to peanut butter. That's what I mostly eat.

I don't know if it was helpful, but I don't really know anything else.

Thea A.
As for breakfast, Grilled cheese and sometimes some pancake. Grilled cheese is pretty tasty but if you are lactose intolerant, well I will not recommend it to you. If you like to eat eggs I could recommend you an omelette.
Shannon T.
Start with drinking water, then have a banana with side of walnuts and make a cafe latte with my espresso machine using my homemade almond milk steaming in Ceylon cinnamon powder and a sprinkle of maca powder! Yummo!! some mornings I make a homemade Açaí bowl… super yummo!!!
Sjors T.
I eat cereal with Milk in the morning most of the time. When I make eggs, I try to change it up everytime, maybe as an extra tip you could try it as well!
Silene E.
Sometimes yogurt with granola & sliced bananas, sometimes granola or cereal with soy milk, peanut butter & honey & granola & chia seeds on a rice cake, sliced apples or oranges, eggs & cheese on toast sometimes with bacon
Brandon I.
I like some nice bread with jam, or cheese and ham. Or both! Also some cereal or oatmeal with yogurt (it fulfills me more than milk). Also, fruits are very nice for breaky! And it's all easy to prepare 🙂
Coralina Q.
I usually eat a smoothie for breakfast, typically with quite a few ingredients to make sure it is nutritional and keeps me full.

Two favorites:
– Green smoothie (1/3 frozen banana, frozen mango, frozen pineapple, lots of green kale and spinach, 1/2 avocado, lime juice, spirulina powder, a dash of “milk” I use one made on peas but oat or almond etc. would be fine too, some water)
– Sweet smoothie (1/2 banana, frozen strawberries, 1/2 avocado, oats, flaxseed, vanilla powder and milk of choice, again I use the one made from peas but oat or almond works as well)

I find that adding avocado in my smoothies makes me fuller for longer. Moreover, I prefer my smoothies quite thick in texture and that is of course adjusted according to taste with the liquid.

Rose T.
In my country, Iran, we usually eat bread, white cheese and walnuts for breakfast. I like to add something sweet to it so I side it with jam or honey sometimes. Recently I've learned to add cumin seeds and black seeds too. Makes it tastier! Oh and the Persian breakfast is not complete without tea!
Clecira F.
I usually have scrambled eggs as well just because it’s easy and tasty, I’m not the best cook so all my meals are so simple
Domi E.
Usually I eat hard boiled eggs with some avocado on toast with cucumber, or some left over dinner from the night before. Its quick, easy, and filling!
Faith U.
I find oatmeal is a good one, you can put lots of different things on it (cinnamon, honey, fruit…) so you don't have to have it the same way every day! Yoghurt and fruit is also good, with a glass of different fruit juices 🙂
Elaine P.
I love eggs, so always switching up the way I cook and eat them to keep it interesting. Sunnyside egg and avocado toast. Boiled eggs (try this with hot sauce!)