What do you eat if you are rushing out to an early appointment?

David F.
Nothing. Intermittent fasting heips me to have an even energy level throughout the day, I don't eat before lunchtime most days.
Sofija N.
every morning i eat 3 boiled eggs with ketchup and two pieces of bread with peanut butter. it gives me a nice start. i put eggs in cold water as soon as i wake up and put them on the stove. so by the time im finished with brushing my teeth and going to the toilet, my eggs are boiled and i put them in cold water. as they cool (for around 3 minutes) i put my bread in toaster so by the time its done i have put my clothes on for the day and i am ready to eat. its a very efficient way of getting a good breakfast with little to no effort
Amelia N.
I do one of two things. I either don’t eat (bad, I know), or I drink a protein/breakfast shake. I’m in high school, so it’s not just appointments I do this for. It’s pretty much everything.