Yes. As Indians and, particularly, as South Indians we’ve been raised to begin our day with food like idli, dosa, rice based foodstuff, roti and pulses, potatoes etc. But, those recipes are a lot of work and need prior prep. Also, they seem like they’re full of carbohydrates ( some good protein too, I agree). What breakfast ideas can I incorporate into my schedule if I have about 15 to 20 mins of prep time on my hands every morning?

Pagan F.
Overnight Oats make a great breakfast. Tonnes of recipes online. Egg muffins, make a few and freeze them reheat in microwave for 1min. Great on toast with avocado. Toasties are good for a quick dinner too

Ali Z.
I don't know if you have much of a liking for eggs, but a scramble can be thrown together in about 5 minutes with any number of ingredients.

Riley X.
Make breakfast the night before so it's ready to eat either at home or on the go. A smoothie bowl with seeds and banana or yogurt with toasted oatmeal, seeds and berry

Layale Z.
I usually prepare an oats meal and keep it in the refrigerator from the night before. It's fresh and ready to grab in the morning before going to work.

Mia R.
Best breakfast to eat when you are short on time is breakfast muffins. You can make them in batches and heat them in the morning. They have egg, tomatoes, zucchini,onion, cottage cheese, some kind of meat if you wish. Mix it all together and then cook for maybe 30 mins. Yumm and very filling

Ramona T.
As indians you are probably vegan. If you are not though i suggest just some scrambled eggs maybe on some toast or some porridge. That's atleast what my people would eat here in estonia.

El Onore N.
You could try having porridge paired with fruits. Otherwise, what you could do, is meal prep once a week and have your breakfast food pretty much ready and measured out, so when you wake up you just heat it up and eat, without having to prepare.

Maica Z.
To be honest, I don’t eat much in the morning. I usually cut up an apple and dip it in peanut butter and sometimes I’ll make some oatmeal.

Andrea F.
I myself am East Indian and while I do enjoy my sada and aloo. Sometimes it's not feasible to make in the mornings. I do however have them for dinner at nights. Most times I have leftovers for the next day. So I just reheat and put together and its done in less than five minutes. But if you want to incorporate the protein then you can simply substitute the carbohydrates and switch it for protein. 20 minutes in the morning is not a lot of time to make a big breakfast. So I prep the night before as it's easier on me when I'm on the move for work.

Marinalda N.
Yoghurt and some fruits with nuts will give you the energy until you have your lunch or even more further more it will save time for you to do some extra work

Laura O.
I think you have the best food for the morning. Maybe prepare it at night and just put it to get hot the next morning. Like this you eat well and you don't loose time to cook in the morning.

Rafael T.
yes, well carbs and other fatty foods aren’t necessarily bad for you. the timing aspect of making food and having enough time to eat is important. to enjoy and take in your food while you’re eating should be a priority. first off, wake up at least 30 minutes before you know that you’ll be late for your daily doings. 30 minutes is enough time to enjoy your food before you leave for the day. if that is impossible however, pre-pack a few healthy fat-nutrient packed foods the night before. as of being used to eating carb-full foods in the morning, switch it up! add a few fruits and proteins as a side of your main dish, just to freshen it up a bit and have a bit more nutrition in your body. some of my favorite on-the-go foods are hard boiled eggs, protein bars with lots of fiber and protein, apples and bananas, nuts and an orange, the list goes on! search up more ideas revolving around your culture for breakfasts, that might help as well!

Billie E.
Breakfast has never been my forté. However, I do find that I like to have leftovers (if there is more than enough for lunch too). If there's just roti, kichidi or rice left, making fried mixed roti (with yogurt) or lemon rice / other type of friend rice, can be very nice too. Upma is also a fulfilling breakfast if you're definitely wanting something Indian.
To motivate myself to eat something in the morning, I like to have something yummy such as crumpets or flavourful porridge (my favourite is brown sugar, cinnamon, with a sprinkle of seeds and nuts on top) and a piece of fruit that I like (e.g. some fejoas, some grapes, mango (if I've got it) or a nectarines)
I don't have as much prep time as you usually do so I do try to make sure I have easily probable things available or prep (even if it's just thinking about it) the night before.
Smoothies are also good!

Harry J.
Hi 🙂
Every morning after drinking water and brushing my teeth, I make a smoothie. It’s quick, easy, way to fit a great amount of fruit, veg, grain and alkalinity into my day. Guaranteed!

My basics are kale/spinach, yoghurt, citrus and oats, with whatever fruits.

Frozen fruit is always a plus 😀

I’m a sucker for the classic strawberry and banana smoothie. Sometimes I like to kick it up a bit by adding half a lemon, a BIG spoonful of ginger and raspberries.
Tastes like Fruit* loops. Enjoy 🙂

Elizabeth N.
These are all very good points. As a vegan, I typically eat a piece of fruit (banana) and a small serving of granola (that I cook once a week) with either almond milk or almond yogurt. And some tea. My spouse prefers one slice of bread, toasted, with peanut butter and jam on top and a cup of coffee. Both are easy to make and balanced. My mother prefers to make a smoothie with fruits and vegetables and protein powder blended together quickly for her breakfast. My auntie likes to juice her fruits and vegetables and makes a glass every morning to have with bread. I hope that helps!

Clyde U.
Oats with fruit. I think is one of the best breakfast one can have, specially because it contains some of the best carbs (oats) and good sugar and other healthy benefits depending on the fruits you add. You can also add some nuts of any kind to enhance the benefits. Oats are easy and quick to make, you can put them directly in a pan, and in 5mins you have your breakfast ready to go.

Justin J.
You can prepare a herbalife nutrition shake which contains a 115 nutrients a cup because your body cells need 100 nutrients daily to be fed.

Era U.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and helps your metabolism, your body is more healthy when you eat this meal, gives you energy and helps you to focus more at work or school. For breakfast usually, I made oats, chia seeds( if you have another seeds you can add some), greek yogurt with 0% or 2% fat, water, and two types of fruits( for this I used blender). Sometimes, I prefer to do two eggs with bread(fitness bread, healthy bread) or boiled two eggs and eat with a risk of bread. Always before breakfast drink water, always!
This is my idea, if you need something more tell me. 🌼