What’s the hardest part of eating breakfast every morning?

Fatima W.
NOT VOMITING IT UP. I hate eating breakfast, but I have to do it because I don’t eat a lot of the time. I gag a lot as well, so it’s hard to keep it down.

Liv U.
The hardest part of eating breakfast every morning, is the lack of time. I normally prioritize to feed my kids first, then do all the stuff I have to do (that i postponed the night before), and then I start thinking about eating breakfast, if I have time.

Izzy N.
Personally, I’ve never been a fan of eating breakfast so simply just doing it is a challenge for me. A lot of people struggle with what they should be eating for breakfast. Oatmeal and fruit is always a good go-to though.

Patricia N.
The hardest part is to find new recept. I have eat the same every morning and it works well. But I feel now that I have to change.

Mariana S.
it is important to have something prepared in advance to know what you will eat and in my case the amouny of snacks in the evening, that mosy often than not make me skip breakfast

Sarah N.
I think the hardest part of eating breakfast for me is finding a healthy and tasty option. I do like a lot of sugary things, such as waffles and French toast, but I’ve had success finding a few tasty breakfast foods that I like. I don’t really have trouble eating in the morning though; I think I’d rather skip lunch than breakfast where a lot of others would skip breakfast over lunch.

Crystal Y.
I think the hardest part of eating breakfast for me is that it's the time when I'm most tired. I find that excerisizing before having breakfast and meal prepping helps

Christianne G.
I think the hardest part of eating breakfast in the morning is not actually about just eating. I believe it’s about when and what you are going to eat. So let’s say, on Monday you had something sugary and on Tuesday you had something healthy, which one did you want to eat more? Your mind of course wanted to eat the sugary stuff, but your body was telling you “no” on Monday. So I think the hardest part is actually having the mindset everyday to say “Hey, I am going to eat something healthy today”.

Theodora E.
I have no problems eating breakfast in the morning. If you are someone who used to skip breakfast, then when yountake time to sit down and eat breakfast and do that for a few mornings, you're system will get used to that and will be the new normal, something you're body waits for and feels good about:)

Jon U.
I think the hardest part really is figuring out what I want to eat. Making sure it’s good for me and trying to eat a wider variety.

Johnny X.
Being present enough to actually chew and taste my food amidst young children talking, demanding more food, wanting attention, etc

Brooke O.
Making it a routine to eat and in turn I make a complete breakfast for my family since this challenge. So thank you! I just needed a little motivation.

Herc Lia E.
It's never been an issue for me. as I always wake up hungry. However sometines you are in a rush and it can be easy to just eat milk and cereals instead of a healthy meal. So, including fruit is usually the hardest part for me!

Byron J.
Time taken to prepare it and not having healthy food easy to get to. Craving sugary cereals but I’ve been enjoying berries and seeds

Slobodan U.
The hardest part of eating breakfast every morning is a toss up between actually remembering to eat and making sure I have enough time to eat in the morning.

Meta F.
Comer bem pela manhã já era comum, mas ainda não tinha introduzido os ovos.

a parte mais complicada é a de acordar cedo. mesmo levantando tarde segui a recomendação em comer ovos com pão integral, café e iogurte

Elias C.
I dont find it really difficult. Sometimes it can be boring to make a complicated healthy meal but other than that is not that hard

Olivia G.
In the morning I drink water and i need my coffee. These two usually give me a full feeling which makes it difficult to eat breakfast. I have to leave the house before 7.30. I just have to force myself to wait and drink my coffee after breakfast. I need to get used to that.

Amber P.
Planning what you will eat. You need to either do it the day before or make sure you will have the ingredients and the time to put it together the next morning

Palma N.
Usually, I wouldn't be hungry in the morning, and I wouldn't know what to make, or even WANT to make anything. I'm finding solutions to all of these though!

Sophie Y.
I have to wake up earlier to eat and prepare breakfast. Sometimes I don't have eggs or whatever I need for balanced breakfast.

Carol E.
The hardest part is to cut down your sugar like if you are addicted to drinking tea or coffee in the morning, it is hard to leave that habit but if you are able to do it, then it becomes super easy for u , if you can't you can try drinking tea with no sugar and milk but instead u can squeeze a little bit of lemon to give it a great taste. The second hardest thing is to choose which breakfast you should eat. If your country has a lot of spices like in India, it is hard to select what you should eat because you cannot eat the same thing everyday so it is hard to make something different every morning. Apart from that having a stomach filling breakfast is a great way to start your day and make you feel energized the whole day. 🙂

Herman X.
Hardest part is making sure its healthy food that will keep me feeling fuller longer and something the will give me energry

Sara Q.
The hardest part is to keep having the breakfast everyday! I have many things to handle in the morning whether adhoc office work or homewor hence it is difficult to get this in routine

Bernardo B.
Being hungry and not being lazy and preparing it. As you create the habit of eating breakfast the hunger will come. As for the preparation you can always ready it, even if partially, the day before! Or make it super easy by having a healthy smoothie ;3

Isael A.
Planning for the next morning. I used the last of my granola and there's only enough oats for one bowl of my perfered brand.