What do you eat in your breakfast?

Peter Y.
I try to incorporate fruit and then some sort of whole grain and protein. I’ve been using dairy-free, sugar-free oatmeal in coconut milk. Good and filling! I might also try an omelet occasionally but I’m not a big fan of eggs.
Florence F.
I like to eat smoothies porridge and as a treat chocolate cereal or a pastry. Often I like to feel I’ve started my day healthily so I just go off how I feel
Karl T.
I usually have bacon and eggs as my daily staple, often adding sweet potato in some form, or nuts and fruit or a protein bar. I need to eat a big breakfast because I fast for medical reasons for 8 hrs before sleeping, which means close to 16 hrs of fasting. So when I get up in the morning, I'm hungry!!!
Erdal S.
Egg Sandwich with lettuce tomatoes plantains. Ginger lemon, chamomile tea. Sometimes cereal or ackee and saltfish along with callaloo or kidney or liver with cabbage on the side along with boiled food which is green banana, sweet potato, pumpkin, Irish potato,dumplings.
Arquibaldo B.
Boiled vegetables , some fruites , one glass raw milk …
And if you don't wanna eat like this you can eat 2-3 chapaties and one glass raw milk ..but never eat junk food in the morning .because if you are healthy you became more positive ..and stay away negetive peoples in the morning .
John Y.
An egg, a piece of toast, avocado spread on the toast, sprinkle of everything seasoning and paprika, a piece of chicken bacon, a small handful of fruit
Randall U.
Probiotic, then rolled porridge oats with a hint of cinnamon, some oat milk, blueberries and a dash of honey, all finished off with some orange juice
Alberte P.
Depends on what my body needs and what it craves. Some days it an over easy egg with a piece of toast and some fruit, sometimes it’s a bowl of Cheerios or granola with milk, and sometimes if I want something a little extra to treat myself I’ll make chocolate chip or blueberry pancakes! If I don’t have enough time or just not hungry for breakfast I’ll do a piece of fruit and some water.