I’m getting bored of eggs… Do you have some fresh ideas on how to cook eggs?

Theo P.
You can cook eggs with mushrooms and cheese. Also tomatoes and onions. Also spinach and cheese. Boiled eggs. There are many recepies.

Michal T.
Of curse! How about French scrambled eggs?) It's needs a lil confusion, but it worth itt. So, cut a slice of bread into small cubes (to taste), at this time we bring the tomato into small pieces too, and when the chdeb acquires a golden color, add the tomato and fry it with the bread. shake the eggs, if desired, I advise 2, you can add salt and pepper to taste, and add to the mixture, fry until tender. and all, bon appetit! 😋

Anna O.
I eat peanut butter with bread and banana, but I'm getting bored. Any ideas to be more creative? (Peanut butter is one of my main sources of protein 🙂

Logan Y.
Yeah, there’s many ways to cook eggs 🍳. It depends on what you like, there’s scrambled, where you don’t need much to make just add milk and crack the egg yolk and stir them like so and poor on pan then cook. Now an omelette is kinda similar but different. You don’t mix them. Sunny side which hardly anyone likes but simple. Egg salad or egg sandwich are well known great for breakfast too. One of my favorite cooking is egg in a nest. Where you cut the bread in the middle with a round cup and add an egg in the center. Cook till it’s well done. That’s all I got for now for an egg dish.

Casey P.
Pancakes are a nice way to use up eggs and even healthier ..banana pancakes!
There is multiple online recipes on how to make banana pancakes at home and they don’t need much toppings because they are very flavorful

Nicole Q.
Eggs, beated and cooked in a pan, like a frittata. Once out, a light cream cheese, smoked salmon and arugula. Roll it up and enjoy!

Damian T.
I try to alternate the different variations of egg breakfast. It might be regular boiled eggs, or omelets or bitten egs with different additions. My favorite one is with fresh tomatoes and greens. Sometimes I add a tiny bit of low fat cheese for satisfying yummy taste 🙂 I use as less butter as possible on the pan. Also try to squeeze other healthy breakfast options during the week, so you're not bored of everyday eggs 😉

Harm S.
Yes prepare your eggs as you would for scrambled eggs but add in some peppers, ham and spring onion. Always make sure to season to taste.

Grease a muffin tray and add the egg mixture to each hole. Make sure not to over fill as the do rise.

Bake these in a preheated at 170c oven for around 4-5 minutes or until they are slightly golden on top.

Take them out and you have little egg muffins.