What are the best foods to eat at breakfast? Eggs?

Nemo Q.
I’ve been eating a banana and an apple in the morning but switched the apple out for peanut butter. I like it better and it’s given me a boost in the morning.
Alberte U.
It depends on what your body needs, however, to help digestion and absorption it is recommended to eat cooked and warm food (also drinking warm! water first thing in the morning)
Rosl T.
It depends of food quality and calories. In the morning you should get mor calories to be nore energized rill all the day.
Jeanne C.
I would a bowl of oatmeal/cruesli/muesli with low fat milk or almond milk and fried eggs. If you want to build muscle add a scoop of protein powder to muesli.
Sigurd X.
It really depends on different factors. Are you on a specific diet? Are you working out high intensity?

personally I eat eggs and bacon every morning when I'm on a keto diet. When not on a keto diet I will eat yogurt fruit and muesli. But I highly suggest you stay away from regular cereal and milk because you will see the high increase of blood sugar and then a crash about halfway through your morning.

Earl C.
Sure eggs, or other complete proteins like hardy cereal or oatmeal, add in some nuts and fruit, or throw all of that in a blender with some kale. But if time is an issue, like it is for many, a good bowl of cereal can get you places.
Ana Lle O.
I will usually have two eggs for breakfast and feel satisfied and focused until it's time for lunch. I have them scrambled with a little olive oil in a tortilla wrap and very little BBQ sauce, salt, pepper and sometimes hot sauce. However, if I'm planning on exercising I will have 1-2 bananas at least an hour before as they're high in carbohydrate (cardio fuel) and potassium. Then I follow up with something protein rich such as lean meat or fish for brunch or lunch. I mix this up on weekends by having avocado on toast as it provides good fats. The first thing I have everyday when I wake up is a cup of water with Himalayan sea salt and squeeze of lemon, it wakes me within a minute even if in the groggiest state. Green tea comes later. Since having a regular breakfast I've felt fantastic in the morning and more able to concentrate at work, and less tired in the afternoon from not having too large a lunch.
Sofie W.
Eggs are good with a healthy carb like whole grain bread or corn tortilla. but if you don't like eggs, think outside the box — brown rice with sauteed veggies and tofu, or even salad. my favorite, go-to breakfast is a protein smoothie. protein powder, oat milk, handful of rolled oats, and fruit. If a banana smoothie, I add peanut butter without sugar.
Selma P.
I LOVE breakfast foods. Eggs are the best, but I also love bagels and breakfast sandwiches. Fruit is good too. LOVE breakfast potatoes.
Claire T.
I like to have granola with soya milk, it’s quick and easy. Then some fruit.
I do like to have scrambled egg too, bits that’s normally for dinner
Swantje Q.
I read that fruit should by eat on empty stromach. I tried to eat them on breakfast and this suits me very well. Egg is ok too
Andrea G.
You want to eat foods that are high protein or have slow sugars because it will keep your body fulfilled longer. Personally, I don’t like eggs, so I eat yoghurt with granola or I eat oatmeal, with fruit.
Gail W.
Egg and banana 2 ingredient pancakes. They take no time to make, feel like I'm eating a pudding, and gets my protein in straight away.
Reimar U.
I believe that lean proteins, such as eggs, Greek yogurt, and whey protein smoothies are the best. They keep you full and are nutritious. Keep in mind that a bit of complex carbs and a touch of healthy fats are an important part of the equation… And also, HYDRATION, HYDRATION, HYDRATION!!!
Goran G.
I love eggs @ breakfast! They fill me up & there are a lot of ways to prepare them. My favorite way is scrambled with any veggies I may have in the fridge and then topped with cheese.
Bryan S.
i usually hear abt having lots of protein to start the day. rice and an egg are my go to, or egg with toast. if i have time and leftover rice and veggies in the fridge, i might do fried rice. a cup of hot water to drink.
Isabelle C.
My regular smoothie. This sets me on the right path for the day. Made on almond milk with oats and fruit it is perfect
Margie F.
I like oatmeal or yogurt with granola because it’s not hard on my stomach and it’s filling. I go for plain Greek-style with addins or oatmeal with honey and cream. Almond milk or non-dairy yogurt work if you have lactose problems and adding nuts will make you fuller, just don’t overdo then. A Tbs is good!
Arnd X.
I do oatmeal with a tablespoon of almond butter, half a banana, a handful of blueberries and a little bit of honey. This meal keeps the hunger at bay till I’m ready for lunch. Eggs are also good and I’ll sometimes eat brown rice, sautéed veggies (spinach, mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes are my go to) with a fried egg on top but lately I’ve been eating this for lunch after my workout.
Taylor U.
Eggs are good protein inthe am, but a good breakfast also needs whole grain like a good nutty toast. A banana or fresh fruit tops it off. Fresh, complex, natural.
Elmar F.
The word “breakfast” came about by someone wiser than me. Someone, and feel free to correct me if this is incorrect, but the word for the morning meal derived from combining the word “ break” with “ fast”. Our bodies are in a state of fasting for 7-8+ or- x hours, x= whatever number of hours you add or subtract to the 7 or 8 hours. This first meal is your first meal from not eating overnight.
The first thing you should ingest is water, H2O. Your body loses water during sleep, through respiration, and through overnight metabolism, followed by storing water used for metabolic functions in the bladder. Hence the need for going to the bathroom upon arising. This is not rocket science, this is you and me everyday.
Now, my personal way to eat may not fit with your clinical dietician, so, with that disclaimer, I will bravely continue. You drink an 8 oz glass of water. I drink filtered water, not from a plastic bottle, but from a steel metal thermos bottle. I then have one cup of coffee, which my wife grinds and brews for us. This is done for taste, not because my doctor said so.
I then prefer to eat two eggs, either scrambled, over easy, poached or boiled. I eat them in any form except raw, because of past reports of eggs sometimes, not always, having Salmonella on the shells from their original environment. Eggs have been shown by at least one study at, forgive me, my mind is thinking University of North Carolina or Chapel Hill, but again, I will not declare this tidbit to be accurate, but I digress; eggs have a very high bioavailability compared to milk protein, soy protein, etc. Eating eggs will help you feel full, supply yourself with the eleven essential amino acids that we cannot make on our own, so I eat eggs when we have them . I include fruit, preferably something with high natural juices, which means… wait for it… Water! Yeah man, more water. Sometimes if hungry I will eat either a high fiber, organic grain cereal or a cup of yogurt. I allow myself to eat more calories in the morning, as I have a whole day to go. Finally, on the days I do not eat eggs(it happens), I will make cooked Oatmeal with almond milk, add flax seeds and chia seeds for the omega fatty acids, A L A, add walnuts, a handful, and blueberries. I don’t add sugar, as the fruit is sweet. Sometimes I add cinnamon for natural help with blood glucose control and it tastes good.
The real secret to breakfast, is eat something you like, that includes a protein, a healthy, slow burning carbohydrate, add a healthy fat, such as cooking eggs in a little olive oil, add nuts and seeds for the Mg, Ca,K, ZN, and Selenium. If you’re irregular, eat a hi fiber bran cereal. If you’re concerned about your protein being too low, add a scoop of Collagen powder to cereal or yogurt or coffee, if you’re training for something, whether it’s for bodybuilding or a marathon, use a scup of organic whey protein in your cereal or in a cup of almond milk or yogurt. If you can’t find eggs at the store, try Salmon. Grilled fresh caught Coho or Sockeye Salmon is fantastic, and you can get a good dose of omega 3 fatty acids; EPA, or eicosapentaenoic acid, and DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid. A portion of salmon is determined by resembling a flattened folded fist.
In conclusion, unless you are prescribed a customized diet from your physician or clinical dietician, these guidelines should help you feel well, have energy, and keep you headed on your goal, to be fabulous. Please, if you have any chronic health concerns, or if you are trying to lose weight, or if have any concerns whatsoever, please check with your primary health care person, physician, nutritionist, etc. Have a great day!
Irina C.
I eat Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast bowls or the Jimmy Dean simply scrambles in the meat dept at most grocery stores on days that I work. On the weekends I will make eggs and heat up Jimmy Dean Turkey sausage patties (they taste just like regular sausage, but with twice the amount of protein).
Daniel Y.
It depends on the person and their diet. Some people’s bodies crave more protein. Some need more carb consumption in the morning. Some people can get what they need from Keto coffee.
Darrell E.
Yes,I agree. Personally me,I started to eat any preparation of eggs 2 yrs ago and it’s really good starter for a new day.
If no eggs available, the second option will be nuts or cheese. And definitely big glass of water.
Franziska O.
All organic food. i eat quinoa/oatmeal with peas, golden raisins, and two eggs fried in coconut oil. Separately, i eat a spoon of peanut butter and a small tomato.
Eugene E.
During the weekdays I like to eat a hard boiled egg, a handful of berries and plain yogurt. The weekends tend ro be a bit bigger with brunch.
Maja W.
Porridge with a small portion of fruit. We have half a banana or a spoon of blue berries. We're also trying milled chia seeds on the porridge as well.
Ana Q.
Eggs are not very nutritious however they are not suited to be eaten everyday. You should eat around 2 eggs per week.
The best way to have a lasting breakfast is eating fibers and proteins.
So, the right kind of cereal such as Müsli, unpeeled fruits, such as apple and so on. Just check wether they have a good amount of fibers and proteins.
Sineide Q.
I eat eggs for brekkie around 3 times per week. Usually scrambled. I find they keep me satisfied until lunch and they don’t raise my blood sugar. On other days I have yoghart with a sprinkle of nuts and seeds and frozen berries.
Wesley J.
Eggs are an excellent source of protein and easy to prepare, they’re even better if you can add a vegetable in too, like cherry tomatoes or spinach
Silas Y.
Eggs are really good much cleaner than say some meats such as bacon or sausages. I like mine on toast with avocado and if I am feeling adventurous with a bit of cheese.
Kelly X.
Scrambled eggs are delicious and make the perfect breakfast as it will gradually release energy throughout your morning without letting you feel hungry just after finishing it.