Have any quick energizing breakfast recipes that you use daily?

Avery U.
I usually like to make a quick smoothie bowl. They don’t take too long and it’s nice to see all the healthy ingredients you are adding to it
Alison O.
I sometimes do oatmeal and berries. A green smoothie is always a good idea (toss in kale with your favorite fruit and milk), and avocado toast.
Marian A.
Yes, i have a great recipe but it is in keto diet. It's bulletproof coffee. You need a cup of coffee + cream + butter + coconut oil 1 sp. You have to mix that white mixer or blender. That's amazing. You know it's really bulletproof 🤗
Enno F.
Taking time with breakfast is one of the things I prioritize in the mornings, so I haven’t actually had a quick one in a while. I think if I were to do a quick breakfast, I’d use a packet of instant oatmeal and add fruit (if the fruit needs slicing, I’d slice the night before.) Or, I’ve made smoothies before too. It may be possible to add dry ingredients for your smoothie into a container the night before (bonus points if it’s your single-serve blender cup), then add ice and milk and blend up. Spinach is a great vegetable to put in a smoothie because it has no flavor once you blend it well, but you still get the nutrients. (I know, I thought it was gross too—until I tried it!)
Bridget J.
A simple recipe I use daily is berry granola yogert, just put granola yogert and Berry's in a bowl and mix, and on special days add chocolate chips 😉
Courtney F.
I use oatmeal sometimes and cereal! I also like energy bars. If your a fruit lover I recommend strawberry’s ( sliced ) banana ( sliced ) and any other fruit on yogurt!
Sophia J.
If your looking for something sweet then I’d make a smoothie or some waffles topped with fruit, or you can have something savery and make yourself an omelette.
Rosa Z.
I make scrambled eggs every morning with one piece of toast and a couple pieces of bacon. I switch up my juice though between Apple and orange. I think a little bit of change, but not too much.
Gabriel O.
Strawberry oat bars: Go well with anything!
Protein Pancakes
* 3 eggs
* 30 g whey
* 70 g oats
* 100 g yogurt
* Drop of milk
* Half a teaspoon of bicarb
1. Add it all to a blender and blend until combined
2. Coat frying pan with butter
3. Pour batter onto frying pan
4. Add berries into batter white it cooks
5. As soon as you’re able to flip em, flip em and take em out (don’t overcook)
6. Serve with honey/maple syrup/butter/sugar/cinnamon/more berries
(can swap out the protein powder with a few drops of vanilla extract as well as add some peanut butter)
Sasha N.
I like oats with fruit and honey – they taste like a dessert, yet they are nutritious and are enough to work until lunch!
Rachel Y.
My go to is mini weetabix with dried mixed fruit, mixed nuts, golden flaxseeds, oats and preferably blueberries if we have them. In summer, I love my mini weetabix simply with blueberries, raspberries and Brazil nuts.
Andrea W.
I haven’t been able to eat large portions at breakfast, as eating early in the morning often makes me feel sick to my stomach. So, I’ve found that having a piece of fruit (such as a banana or apple), mixed nuts, or a piece of toast are the easiest to get through. Another quick and easily eatable recipe is mixed oats and greek yogurt, which you can add fruit and nuts to as well!
Nanda A.
In my case ..energizing breakfast means whatever I get to eat….my mom is the one who prepare breakfast..so I don't have many choices…the major important matter is that whatever you eat,eat with happiness… that's it
Nora N.
I will usually make a smoothie but in a weird way! I will use a fruit yogurt drink that you can get at Walmart and some frozen fruit usually that tropical fruit. While it is still frozen you pour the yogurt drink in the blender and the the frozen fruit blend until there are no chunks and enjoy with a straw!
Frances C.
Yes of course I do but it depends on how much time you have to make breakfast if I am free in the morning I start by frying some eggs and adding my spices toasting my bread and make some guacamole maybe slicing some cucumbers and adding some string cheese if I don't have a lot of time to do my breakfast I can make some cereal and milk maybe tea and biscuits and eat them outside in my garden but if I have little time I can just make a sandwich or even make a thick smoothie
Nanou O.
Something really simple I like to eat in the morning is Greek yogurt with honey, bananas and flax seeds (or nuts). It's easy, affordable and delicious!
David S.
Yes I do. My go to breakfast is a slice of toasted Ryebread, avocado, tomato and an egg. This is very delicious and unbelievably easy to make.
Faith G.
I usually never had time for breakfast in the morning, but i’ve made time for myself by waking up a little more early to do so. some simple fast stuff i’ll make is eggs, fruit and toast :).
Rowen C.
I like to blend one apple, three to four oranges, 2 scoops of plant based protein powder, and about 10 ounces of water. It’s nutritious and tastes extremely good. Another thing I do is mash two bananas, pour some oats in there, and drizzle some honey on top for taste. And if I don’t have time for either of those, I’ll make a sliced boiled egg and peanut butter sandwich.
Ellie N.
Oats with yoghurt and fruits on top! Cook the oats in the microwave with a milk of your choice, two minutes and you’re done!
Esa Y.
I like to make it or big or simple, sometimes oatmeal with banana and toppings and sometimes just a cheese cracker or something small.
Jose F.
A raw egg holds the most protein and all six amino acids. Sunny side up is also a good way to go if you want to keep more of the nutritional benefits. I usually mix my raw egg with soy sauce and salt with a hint of cayenne for kick. Fast and tasty 😋, once you get the flavor profil down it is easy to drink. Farm fresh eggs are the best, I get them from my silkie chicken. Although if you have any immunodeficiency i would steer clear of the raw option and go with the sunny side up. The runnier the better
Nesreen O.
Oatmeal with brown sugar and vanilla is one of my go to recipes for breakfast. It leaves me feeling full and energized to begin my day. Add a cup of black or green tea and you are off to a great start!
Ramona Z.
I don't have specific recipe for healthy breakfast but for me making a good breakfast to enjoy with my mom and dad is a joy and a good start for a day. The moment of togetherness is my purpose of keeping it consistent.
Abby C.
Green smoothies are the way to go or as I prefer, green smoothie bowls. Fresh spinach is what makes it green, and I blend with my base liquid before adding the frozen fruits. I buy bags of mixed fruits and also cut up and freeze fresh fruit when I find I have some that is close to going bad! There are endless possibilities and you can add whatever fruits or veggies you like. Blend it together(for smoothie bowls add as little of the liquid as possible for a thicker result) and pour into your cup of choice. For a smoothie bowl pour into a bowl and garnish as you please. I go with my favourite strawberry granola and fresh fruit and some chia seeds which make it even thicker and add some nutrients. Enjoy!
Mille Z.
Honestly all of my breakfast take atleast 30-45 minutes seeing as I’m cooking for myself and my daughter. This morning we had homefries and eggs on a bagel with jelly. I’m also trying to gain weight so my breakfast always has a few extra calories
Jomana N.
Yes, if I'm running late I always have a bag of dried fruits and mixed nuts that I take with me and have my breakfast on the road, if it's not a busy day I like to eat yogurt with fruits, boiled eggs with thyme and olive oil, omlette with shredded tomatoes, bell peppers, and onion, or I like to eat a feta cheese and tomatoes sandwich. ☺️
Wyatt U.
A protein shake. Organic spinach, frozen fruits, protein powder and plant based milk. It’s delicious and healthy. I feel so proud of myself when I make and drink this in the morning.
Belen O.
Yes! Everyday I start the day with an avocado toast and a matcha latte. I bought matcha powder on Amazon, I mix very well with non fat milk and an avocado toast with eggs.
Sam Y.
I'm a big fan of hard boiled eggs, so having those on hand makes for a simple, quick energy boost. Another quick, easy meal is sourdough crisp bread with hummus and cucumber slices. it's super simple and tasty. chopped fruit with plain yogurt or skyr is a little more time intensive but worth it when i want a treat
Jacek T.
I do beans Spread, eggs with bread and some vegetables or just boiled Oats with some dates if I want to begin with something sweet.
Amber N.
I usually make a smoothie: kale and water, 2 fruits and a dab of honey like not that much blend it up and you have a simple easy smoothie
Alaa N.
Olive oil in a pan. Add green and red pepper, carrots, oignons, and tomatoes. After it’s all cooked, crack an egg on top! Don’t forget to add your favorite spices!
Lineia F.
What work for me the most is fresh orange juice with oats, 2 eggs cooked in a pot with a spoon of olive oil and chopped onion and on a side 50 gr of raw fish and I'm ready for the day
Elizabeth C.
My favorite is low-fat Greek yogurt, and berries such as strawberries & blueberries layered on top of either. Add honey & cinnamon to the top! Another recipe is a toasted bagel with peanut butter & some grapes on the side.
Lily Y.
I like to eat natural yogurt, honey, granola and dried fruit. It's SO delicious and gives me an extraordinary energy boost!♡︎㋛︎𓆉︎
Brayden I.
All part of my healthy eating challenge I did my own recipe I made my own one. My egg 🥚 omelette with a marinade pepper salt 🧂 garlic salt while you are prepping the healthy food 🥘 you put the oil in small pan heat it up turn on stove to medium heat then when it’s starting warm up 🆙 cook the egg 🥚 until golden brown 5 minutes each side’s constantly flip them too or how ever you like your eggs 🥚 healthy breakfast by Brayden
Sonya G.
I alternate between the breakfast from where I grew up (home baked bread, butter, home made jam and cheese) and oats with fruit and yogurt. It gives me a variation, keeps it fresh and full for several hours.
Octaviano P.
I taste meny things.i eat eggs most of the time and always eat vegetables with My breakfast lettuce, tomatoes, paprikas and I put some lemon juice on them.and I eat a orange after my breakfast.
L Rke B.
I just try to skip the info all together a little bit. Try searching up on YouTube ‘beginner workout’ or ‘medium level workout’ and try for the time that suits you and then go to the description. It should tell you what exercises are in it. I hope this helps.
Marshall Y.
Spinach and cheese omelette with garlic pepper and onion salt for flavour. Quick, healthy, tasty and keeps you going right through to lunch
Dominika X.
Płatki owsiane, ugotowany ryż , kokos i orzechy zalać wrzącym mlekiem. Do tego kakao dzieci i Płatki kukurydziane. Ozdobić owocami
Ken U.
I really only have time for a coffee. Mabe a banana and a small cereal. I do t find I'm hungry in the mornings. I like to eat more I the afternoon
James Y.
Smoothies! All day and everyday 😬 we have a cheap Breville smoothie maker and we get pre cut packets of smoothies mix from Tesco, Lidl etc. just add a banana and a little juice/water and you are good to go! Or go with overnight oats in Kefir/milk/water, add a banana and some cinnamon + ground ginger 👌
Clifton J.
I am not sure but different types of eggs,French toast and etc can help you start your day
(Sorry if this doesn’t help you)
Micheal E.
Overnight oats! All you need is half a cup or a cup of oats (whichever suits you), milk of your choice, chia seeds and then toppings. The toppings need to be a fruit, some nuts and a syrup (preferably maple) or honey! Do it the night before (takes 5 minutes) and then in the morning all you have to do is take it out of the fridge and enjoy it 🤩 good luck!!
Bessie C.
Ok I will tell you what options I have for breakfast
1. 4-5 Almonds, handful peanuts, and handful black chick peas all soaked overnight.
2. Any fruit like banana, orange or apple.
3. Don't miss on dates if you want to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. 5 dates are good 👍
I generally opt somethings from the above mentioned list.
Talia N.
This is a basic breakfast my mom always made to make it you will need 1 egg (half a tomato optional) And as much parsley as u like ofc u need whatever bread u like
I recommended using salt (and pepper optional) and olive oil and the most important seasoning is cumin as an Arab I always used cumin with hummus or eggs

1.boil ur egg for about 6 to 10 min
2. Wash ur parsley and tomatoes and then place them on the bread (don’t forget to cut ur tomatoes)

3.after ur egg finishes cut it to four or five pieces and place them on the bread

4.add a pinch if salt and cumin and if u would like pepper and then add not to much not to little olive oil

Raluca R.
I often have oatmeal with banana and blueberries on top. Sometimes, I may eat some sandwiches or other bread-based meals.
Hans Ulrich X.
As a Malaysian, I eat nasi lemak or drink milo. I am not fond of heavy breakfast but since I'm at my parents, I just take what easy for me and them.
Niya O.
I either make maida dosa ( a type of bread made with flour, shredded coconut and mixed with water into a batter, which is cooked like crepes) or upma
Nicklas U.
Peanut butter toast! Or any kind of nut butter. It’s simple, quick, and keeps you going. Oatmeal is also a winter favorite. For summer, I have blueberries, honey, and Greek yogurt. Mmm.
Marcus F.
I usually just eat cereal on school day but on the weekends i like to have a more filling breakfast, but its still should be quick. I might eat a bagel or a banana, but my all time favorite is scrambled eggs with mayoustrd and a couple dashes of hot sauce.
Terrence P.
Overnight oats work great for me! Just put some milk/alternative, oats, frozen fruit together the night before and done😊
Carl T.
Yes one thing I love making for breakfast is a smoothie, it’s super quick and it tastes amazing! It’s made of frozen blueberries, one whole banana, milk and sometimes I add a scoop of peanut butter.ENJOY:)
Katherine E.
I’m actually not a big breakfast person so food makes me feel heavy and slow. I prefer a protein shake! I’ve tried many but find that the most cost effective and health beneficial option is the Premier Protien brand.
Kristy W.
I’d say oatmeal add any toppings to make it fun lol , Eggs boiled or fried . And some type of protein meat or you can simply prep a smoothie pack the night before so it’ll be ready in the morning . Oatmeal is my go to since it’s very filling and maybe a banana .
Sherri N.
When you want to cut carbs, no potato, no bread, no hash browns, what do you suggest to fill that void? I am unable to eat bananas as they interfere with my meds. I also can’t eat bacon or cold. cuts.
Allison J.
I’m not really hungry in the mornings but I’m starting to get more fruit in and often a banana is my go to choice. Just to keep me going as that’s the only thing I’ll have until after work between 2-4pm.
Milton E.
I eat a package of instant oatmeal every day at 6:30am. Quick and gives me energy. Later in the morning (around 10) I have a banana and some yogurt. No recipes here! I've got no time in the am.
Manoela T.
Anabolic French toast, 150g egg whites, vanilla extract, cinnamon, 1 packet sweetener, mix it up and put a couple white breads and put it on a pan. Then 15g honey and around 50g strawberries
Pedro Z.
I eat oatmeal with fruit and a nut mix.
Fruits that go well with oatmeal are blueberries, red fruits, banana, and best of all, apples! if you have a little more time and want to make it even tastier, you can bake the apples with cinnamon! if you're short on time, you can just mix them with your oatmeal and cinnamon and put them in the microwave! either way it's delisious
Vaishnavi X.
My quick energizing includes oats. They're tasty, have fibre, don't take too much to be cooked or digest. I should eat some more.
Sabrina I.
No, I started with simple things since I used to never eat breakfast before, so to start the routine I began with healthy cereals or stuff like that 🙂
Teresa W.
Well a small salad(lettuce, tomato and cucumber) with a simple vinegrette (salt,olive oil and garlic) is good or where I'm from in the Caribbean to me any fruit like bananas(can be eaten with oats or as a 'dessert' generally) … Papaya and fresh young coconuts are filling and nutritious too! Also if you haven't tried fried ripe plantains….. You're surely missing out!!! They cook really fast if you ask me and are crispy…. You can add sugar if you find it not sweet enough but plantains are great on their own. I think you can find tutorials everywhere on the internet…. But remember they burn REALLY quickly so don't leave them on the stovetop frying unattended…
Lisette N.
I usually go for a smoothie (kale, banana, avocado, coconut water, peanut butter) with some granola or a bowl of greek yoghurt with some fruit/berries and seeds. Also an egg, often boiled, for some protein.
Andre L.
Broccoli cream sandwich…it's just great…get yourself a cup or teo cream…take a pot andadd broccoli in the boiling water and season it with salt and pepper and stir around for few minutes the rinse it with cold water meanwhile in a pan add some olive oil and saute some half shredded onion and bell peppers and season with salt and pepper and bit of hot pepper flakes(optional) and a drizzle of your favorite sauce…bbq or hot or Sriracha…now when you want to eat it take some toasted bread slices mix mashed broccoli and sauted veggies in the cream and check if it needs more salt or any other spice you want and mix it together, assemble your sandwich and Enjoy!!
Tessa N.
use peanut butter! it tastes super good and you can spread it on toast and add fruit or honey. you can also mix it in oatmeal
Sherri N.
Can anyone recommend a smoothie recipe using say strawberries and oranges or maybe some granola mixed in with some kind of juice added ? I need something quick for my walk to my part time job.
Mario I.
I make a fruit salad of apple, orange, kiwi and passion fruit. Then add plain yoghurt, honey and sometimes a spoonful of nut butter. Or oats with fruit. Or chia pudding with yoghurt and fruit. Or eggs and avocado or bacon.
Neko C.
I don’t really have anything that is quick but just eating breakfast is energetic enough. To feel energetic from breakfast you need to make something you will enjoy, so look on pinterest for some fast and easy breakfast ideas. But one thing I will suggest is overnight oats, it’s super easy to make.
Ananya C.
I’m Indian. So, we have parantha, any vegetables and tea with low sugar. For making parantha, roll the wheat flour dough and spread refined oil or ghee on it. Then cover it by folding the ends. Roll it again and place it on a non- stick pan/ tawa. After it starts looking like tortilla, spread ghee or refined oil on both sides and let it cook. That’s it !!
Brennan J.
No, but yesterday I ate a bread with avocado and eggs, tempered with cinamom, alecrim, pepper and lemon. It tasted really good.
Austra N.
No, but since I started using this app I starting to know my preferences, for example I really like yoghurt with strawberry flavour 🍓, avocado bread with egg, and the fastest sneaky breakfast is protein bars and coffee. There is more things and receipts that I want to try for my breakfast tomorrow and today ❗️
Vincent Z.
Bananas, peanut butter sandwich, cut-up strawberries. Small stuff like that because I only have about 10 minutes to eat before school. Make sure to drink water with it.
Matthieu P.
I like making a breakfast burrito every morning, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, turkey linked sausage topped with cheese and a little salsa. It takes longer to pull all the stuff out of the fridge than it does to make it. Jump starts my day.
Yvette N.
Hi, I’ve been going for low sugar options: oats with fruit and yoghurt, low sugar granola with yoghurt. If I’m really hungry I’ll eat a fried egg and some avocado toast. Hope that helps…
Neyla J.
I eat one grapefruit a day drink water everyday all plus make smoothie shakes with just fruit and apple juice or orange only, unless you want add anything else . Slow down eating bread to 1 times a day. Also waking up and then drinking water right as soon as you wake up feels amazing. That gives me the most energy in the morning.
Alice Z.
None that I use daily. Food varies day by day for me. Yesterday I had to get breakfast out. The day before that I had a pack of crackers and a cheese stick. It really depends on what's available for me.
Stephen P.
An omelette, put some cut tomatoes the night before in your freezer. Next morning just crack some eggs, add tomatoes in and there you go. For drink try tea, it will give you a bit of sweetness if you needed and energy of course.
Terry E.
If I remember the night before, I'll make overnight oats, if I don't, an energy drink (tea, coffee, etc.) And a piece of fruit or protein bar works for me.
Naomi T.
I like to have fruit with cereal and yoghurt. If I’m feeling something savoury, I’m a big fan of leftovers from the night before or some eggs on toast with a big side of veggies. I usually chop up some tomatoes and cucumber and add some lettuce to a bowl and call it a salad. Something I really liked doing was throwing in some baked kidney beans into the salad. I would drain a can of beans, lay them on a baking tray, cover with olive oil, salt, paprika and other spices, then put them in the oven around 180 for about 10 minutes
Dwayne F.
I always try to make scrambled eggs with ham and cheese in it every weekday along with water to start my day before I go to the gym.
Gold Z.
I use a meal replacement protein shake to which I blend in a handful of frozen berries. Very tasty, easy and convenient
Clo C.
Banana, peanut butter, and another piece of fruit or other carb-heavy food, like a bagel or toast. The fiber and protein will keep the energy going.
Connie P.
I don’t usually eat breakfast, but since I started this app I’ve been boiling an egg every morning to eat. I boiled a few and put them in the fridge for the mornings I wake up and don’t feel like it, then I just add some salt and pepper and I’m good. I have noticed I’m not starving by the time lunch rolls around, which in turn keeps me from overheating at lunch time.
Kritical N.
I used to not eat anything for breakfast, but recently I tried cooking eggs and it was surprisingly very fast and easy to cook. I would suggest bagels. Egg and cheese sandwiches. Oatmeal and grits. All very fast to make, but if you need a gab and go, try trailmix, fruits like bananas or apples. And granola bars
Du Lio Q.
It’s important to prep what you will want to eat. You need to compromise between what you know you need to eat and what you know you will eat at 7am
Odalissa E.
İ use a smoothie recipe most of the time .All you need is the combination of the fruits you like the most and a blender.İ prefer blueberries and strawberries (you can also add rasberries) They go so well eachother.After you blend them, we need some toppings because they are the ones that make the smoothie perfect.İt is optional of course but it would ve so good if add them.You can use oatmeals, extra fruits, granola, dark chocolate and ect.Hope this answered your question!:)
Marina P.
Fried eggs, best with creamed cheese, salt and pepper. The best baked on fat. A glass of juice. Kava če ti paše. Sometimes toast and butter or creamed cheese or rio mare pate.
Amelie N.
Overnight oats. Just put some oats and milk in a bowl and leave in the fridge overnight to set. To make it more interesting, I like to put chia seeds and syrup in there as well as the oats (chia seeds also make it set better). Then in the morning they're ready to eat – you can just add whatever toppings you feel like (my favourite is berries and peanut butter). Hope that helps 🙂
Erol G.
Well, the best quick breakfast recipe I use is tapioca!
First, put the tapioca starch into a shallow pan and wait for about 1 minute
Then you chose the filling you like (I usually use tomatoes, cheese and spinach) and put it inside the tapioca.
Now u can eat it!
Nathana L T.
I actually can’t recall of any. Partly because I don’t make my own breakfast. But I guess bacon and scrambled eggs is a good one. Even though I eat and make rice every day… which I think is really unhealthy cause it’s white rice lol. Okay that’s not something to be laughing abt but yeah.
Melissa J.
Yes. I have an amazing oatmeal breakfast every morning. I use instant oats soaked in milk for an hour with a tablespoon of honey and toppings of my choice. You should definitely try it out.
Jim G.
I really struggle with breakfast so, I started off with a bowl of 125g reduced sugar tinned peaches, 1/4 cup vanilla protein yoghurt, 1/2 cup all bran cereal with honey and almonds. It’s low in sugar, balanced and delicious.
Milo O.
Overnight oats:
Flax Seeds
Chia Seeds
Grated Apple
Any other things you want to add!

Mix together and chill in the fridge overnight! ❤️

Tami N.
Just boil some brown rice with carrots and onions, and a nice salad from any fresh vegetables you can find (i like avocados + beetroot + arugula)
Tony S.
Honestly for breakfast i only have a small bowl of granola with some strawberries or raspberries or banana but the best thing for the start of the day would be maybe egg on toast with some fresh fruit on the side
Martin N.
Yes! I soak oats with milk for 5-10 minutes, and add some honey and peanut butter. I usually add berries if I have them, and chai seeds/linseeds which are good for digestion over time.
Kristin P.
I am still doing experiments to understand what is easy and fast to prepare, so it can became a daily habit. In these days I tried greek yogurt with oat, banana, peanut butter and some water to mix everything better (just a little). Then I eat a boiled egg and some ham if I feel to… I noticed that by doing this, I am less hungry at lunch, so I don't feel sleepy in the afternoon and keep myself very light.
Morgane Q.
One of my favorite recipes is dark bread Just Cook it on the pan without oil untill it gets crunchy then spread on some creeme cheese while the bread is warm so it melts on it and then chop up some tomatoes and add them on the bread. (if you want to you can top it off with some salt).
Kir Ly R.
Yes! Overnight oats are the best. It is healthy and low carb. The recipe is very easy:

• You’ll need one cup of oats
• A teaspoon of chia seeds
• A tablespoon maple syrup
• Almond milk 🥛 or regular milk (only as much as covers the oat)
• Put it in the fridge for overnight
• If you want to you can put anything on top of our delicious overnight oats

Philip N.
Sandwiches with ham, cheese, and some vegetables. I also have ‘breakfast dessert’ which is banana with yogurt and some muesli
Zoe U.
I sometimes just eat fruit like an orange which takes no time to prep! I also eat hardboiled eggs which take less than 15 minutes in the insta pot and instant oatmeal
Angie C.
Fibre oats oatmeal with some protein powder, served with some full fat turkish yoghurt and frozen raspberries. Sprinkle with cinnamon. If you have some top with a little bit of chopped nuts
Swetlana U.
No I don’t, truth is I don’t even eat in the mornings because I don’t wake up hungry, but sometimes if I am hungry I’ll make a fruit bowl with my fav fruits and put some chocolate syrup on them
Anadir P.
Try eggs as an alternative for cereal since cereal is high in sugar (some of them). I eat them daily and it was good. Try it out!
Gordon J.
Porridge. Just pour boiling water over some oats. Add whatever fruits and nuts and maybe some honey or maple syrup (mashed banana is a great sweetener too) you like, stir done. Keeps me full for a very long time.
Emma N.
Mix in mushrooms, bacon or ham, spinach, onions, and any other ingredients into eggs. Fruit on the side. Tea, water, or juice.
David T.
Once a week I bake a loaf of sourdough with seeds.and stuff. That will usually get me through the week. Some.mornings it's nothing more than taost, yogurt and.coffee simple but it works. Working remotely for the last two years I make sure to have a bunch of fruit and other things on hand. Start th3 day out 2ith coffee and by noon switch to tea.

Besides toast sometimes will do cold cereal.or oatmeal. Two or three times a week I do the overnight oatmeal refrigerator thing. Works.out really well.

Christina G.
I use Eggs and if there's bread, I toast it. That's pretty much it. I don't plan on eating big early in the morning. Afterall, I'm on a diet.
Silje B.
I love eating fruit in the morning because it gives me vitamins that last through the day and him some yogurt with a piece of chocolate and a big glass of water the chocolate gives you instant energy we all know what water does to our body and the yogurt it’s just good 😉😂
David S.
If you like sweet breakfast then, on one slice toasted whole wheat bread, peanut butter, some banana slices (1/2 enough) and cinnamon powder. Great with tea or coffee.
If you like salty breakfast then again one slice toasted whole wheat bread (this time we cut it half) in between some cheese, 1-2 pieces smoked turkey and thin red radish slices. Have a great breakfast.
Angel F.
My breakfast meal is either oatmeal, soup, omelet, rice cake and these are on rotation daily. It's quick and satisfying which helps me to have energy in the morning.
Tanushree Y.
There’s these fruit smoothies that I make and it’s the best; I pour all ingredients into a blender like strawberries/blackberries/any berries or fruits that you have or like,(any) milk, Greek yoghurt or vanilla and a natural sweetener like stevia or honey also ice cubes (optional) and then I just blend them all together and sometimes top it off with a few white and dark chocolate chips.
Πρίαμος Τσακίρης N.
Well most days I rely on cereal with vitamins and a good amount of sugar to keep me energised through the day since I'm quite active during the day. If I don't have enough time to sit down and enjoy a bowl I tend to make a sandwich or two to take with me so I'll make sure that I've had a good breakfast!
Cassandra T.
Having oats and milk, it makes me feel full and I miss having oats. I was usually having toast and cheese in the morning. So afterwards I have a toast with either Peanut butter, cheese or scrambled eggs. And I also have a fruit and a cup of coffee or tea, depending on my mood or sleep quality