How do you manage to mix it up for breakfast in the morning?

Vicky G.
I take a bunch of foods that I really like, and put them into an online wheel. In the morning, I spin the wheel to see what’s for breakfast.

Hannah P.
I like to have omelettes in the morning, each day I will add different things to it, for example Monday spinach and onion, Tuesday bacon etc

Scott Y.
My usual breakfast includes fruit, cereal, juice and coffee. You can vary any element! I opt for seasonal fruit. Cereals can contain a little bit more of sugar and still be a healthy option. I also change the type of juice every 2-3 days. On the weekends, with more time to prepare, I choose ' heavier' breakfast, as eggs, pastries, bacon etc.

Lo C F.
Have selection of food in your fridge and pantry: eggs in the fridge for a quick fried egg on toast, sliced bread in the freezer (I love trying different kinds, like sourdough, ciabatta, an artisan seedy loaf), oats or a favourite cereal in the pantry, and a variety of fruit – maybe not always, but pick a different fruit every week for variety! Fruit is a great grab-and-go, or delicious on cereal, porridge, or a yummy fruit salad. Challenge yourself to a different breakfast each day!

Aaron U.
Personally I eat a strawberry, banana and raspberry smoothie kind of thing with more plain granola on top than the actual smoothie then I throw some fruit on it. I dont usually mix it up as otherwise I feel ill but to change it I sometimes make a different flavour of smoothie e.g mango banana and orange etc.