What do you like to eat for breakfast and dinner? I’m looking for inspiration!

Clara E.
I love to eat rice with eggs. I’ll add quinoa to the rice and fresh garlic and onion to my eggs for the extra goodness. Salt and pepper to taste 🙂
Erika Y.
Breakfast: roll with butter and some nuts, sandwiches, toasts.
Dinner: pizza, spaghetti, lasagne, carbonara, schnitzel, fish, chicken.
Lucienne R.
For breakfast, my go-to dish is avocado with poached egg on toasted sour dough. Its so good! For dinner, Id prefer a grilled salmon and mashed potatoes. I dont like a salad for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They’re just not very filling (unless they’re used as a snack)
Dan T.
I eat scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast every morning. It’s quick and easy and cleaning up is quick. My dinners vary.
Anna N.
i like to have somethink simple for breakfast. well to me breakfast is more like brunch. some simple sause with pasta. diner is clasic, some yougurt with oats or porridge.
Villads N.
For breakfast i love to eat oatmeal with fruits, nuts and cheese! Right now it's a season of apricots, so I eat them, sliced right in the bowl. For aroma you can add a bit of vanilla sugar. For dinner I eat plov (pilaf) with boiled chicken. It's a widespread meal in Eastern Europe
Marko E.
Breakfast – a salad or a bowl of oatmeal with bananas, peanut butter and fruit
Dinner – something good but not too heavy. Ideally a chicken stew with polenta.