Is it more important to eat ANYTHING or to eat SOMETHING HEALTHY?

Luka Z.
I find it's important to to make time for breakfast but if your unable to then try pick a healthy option such as a banana or apple as they will fill you up. If you have to grab breakfast on the go boiled eggs or porridge are good choices as they are filling option.

Amanda Z.
Something healthy. It's better to fast and wait until you can make healthy choices at lunch than it is to eat pop tarts or cereal. A green smoothie is a great way to get nutrition quickly in the morning.

Aayana S.
This is an important question ❓

i suggest you to eat something healthy .

this is because it takes energy to digest the food if it is unhealthy it means your harming your body and using its energy to digest something that does not return it the energy that is used for its digestion.

Not eating anything keeps you at zero .

Eating healthy makes it a positive number.

Eating unhealthy makes it a negetive number.

Hence try to eat healthy.

Max N.
In my opinion eating healthy is better for your health, although they're others that may disagree. Eating healthy gives your body the energy, protein, strength, etc.. it needs to function. Eating anything is not always good in fact can affect your life span. Taking care of your body by focusing on your healthy is a better solution for your future. But hey, it's not like I can force you to do it, it's your choice after all. The last thing I would like to say is make great desisions for yourself.

Deborah R.
It depends on the approach as healthier foods are good for your body but eating anything isn’t necessarily bad if it’s moderate

Sakeena A.
Actually when i am in hurry I'll eat without even thinking is it healthy for me or not but my mom makes sure that i eat healthy food most of the times instead of junk food and that makes a habit in me to eat healthy food most times. So, i am gonna prefer eat healthy food. Thanks to my mom.💞