What is your convenient go-to breakfast?

Pauline Z.
I like quick cooking oats. You can add milk and butter or whatever you like and it tastes delicious. Iike to add milk, brown sugar and cinnamon in mine. 🙂
Louanne Q.
Quick Grits with butter or country steak or ham biscuit with diet dr. Pepper or cold water or OJ. But Lately I'm learning to love fruit smoothies for my first meal of the day!
Ly Yam Q.
A microwaved egg for 1 minute in a cup. I also put some grape tomatoes in it to give it some more flavour. I got it from Tasty
Brandy E.
Honestly, I'm trying to figure that out for myself. I think something prepared ahead of time works best for me. I've made chia seed pudding with almond milk and matcha powder and monk fruit in the past. I'm going to try that again!
Mayra U.
Two pieces of whole wheat bread with a slice of cheese, if toasted to separate slices. And a banana. And I drink water with it
Ashley N.
My convenient breakfast would be my herbalife tea and my herbalife shake combination. If i am really hungry I will opt for eggs and chicken sausages.
Selmira E.
Since I am not a breakfast person it has to be something good so that it motivates me to eat. A healthy type of cereal or yoghurt with lots of fruits and berries works nicely for me.
Candice U.
I normally go to oatmeal and Greek yogurt. Quick an light but still sweet and filling. Unless I want salt. Then I got for mixed nuts and lettuce wrapped turkey and cheese.
Roy W.
Coffee (in ice cubes), banana (frozen slices) and peanutbutter shake (adding nuts, cinnamon or whatever for variety).
Usually on water, but milk works.
Leo Z.
Hmmm whole meal toast with nut butter and marmite is my easy choice…but often I get hungry again really early and end up snacking by mid morning. If I’ve got the ingredients I’ll make a smoothie with banana, spinach, frozen berries, oat milk and some chia seeds or almond butter and that sets me up nicely for the day!
Vicky P.
The oatmeal for kids with dinosaur eggs haha. It has a measuring line on each seperate packet so it's no fuss to add water quick and I cook it for 2 1/2 minutes which is more on the well-done side if you don't like soupy oats. I find it being a little sweeter satisfies my sweeth tooth for a couple of hours on top of bring packed with vitamins. 👍 There's also overnight oats if you find you have more time at night to prepare something for the morning. You can add fruit or chocolate chips to your liking!
Franklin E.
I like to have bananas and whole wheat light English muffins with peanut butter when I’m unsure what to make. Another easy idea is one protein eggo with a little bit of nut butter spread on top when I’m on the go.
Erol J.
I’m a creative person. Thus, I don’t like the same things over and over again, especially when it comes down to food. My convenient breakfast goes from coffee and a sandwich, to oatmeal with fruits, as well as granola bowls or some fancy bagel with yogourt. It’s important for me to vary my breakfast style and to do so I’m always meal preparing to get the breakfast I truly want in the morning. ✨
Agathe F.
I usually take some whole weat crackers and put something healthy on top like chicken or some low sugar jam if I crave something sweet.
Lueli A.
I would say that the most convenient breakfast for me is oats. Haven't really been eating them lately but it is so quick.
Jordan G.
Smoothies are my most convenient go-to breakfast. If I don’t have the ingredients for a smoothie, I usually make a PBJ toasted sandwich with coffee and a piece of fruit.
Gabriella P.
Porridge oats cooked on the hob because it tastes so much better than putting it in the microwave. Add some agave nectar and chopped banana and blueberries and I will be full for the whole morning!
Hans G Nther I.
My most convenient go to breakfast food is something simple and fast. Like a banana with some cereal. My mornings are really slow and I enjoy not to worry too much about cooking and such