Give me some options for a great breakfast?

Robyn N.
My fave are breakfast sandwiches..simple & easy to switch up! I’ll make my own various sausage patties & cook then in bulk then just reheat & add an egg, cheese & switch up types of breads. Sometimes I’ll have a slice or two of bacon on it instead, or once in a blue moon I’ll slice up some mortadella & fry those into it. My other fave breakfasts include making pancakes with extra batter, so you can do waffles the next day & pairing them with fresh fruits; omelettes of all kinds which are a great way for me to use up little leftover ingredients from other meals
Cl Ona N.
I start with a piece of fruit if I’m not really hungry – a nectarine these days. If I’m especially hungry or need something solid straight away I’ll set to making a muesli porridge. I put some and fruit in a bowl and pour over the porridge.
A second breakfast I like to have is cooked brown rice into which I add chopped soaked prunes, almond butter and some dark chocolate. I have the rice fresh off the stove and I sometimes I add nuts like pecans or walnuts
Tristan C.
Eggs are a great source of protein! Boiled with ‘everything but the bagel’ seasoning or fried over-medium. Some carbs—like toast or a bagel—for the long haul. Don’t forget the coffee (hot or iced)!
Zoey Y.
I have been loving eggs and spinach with sriracha in a corn tortilla! Another great savory option is egg and avocado on toast of your choice. For something more sweet, a smoothie full of fruits, veggies, and protein powder is great. I love making mine a bit thicker so I can eat it with a spoon- this way you can also top it with granola and more fruit!
Sama N.
Yogurt with fruits and Shia seeds and flax seed, I add my omega 3 and vitamin D supplement to it to make sure I toile my nutrients first thing in the morning. I take a matcha latte to get some clean caffeine.
Lilian Y.
I like to have yogurt with fruit, granola, and honey. I struggle with eating in the morning because I’m usually not hungry when I get up, so this is something that’s healthy and isn’t super heavy. It also takes almost no time to prepare which is convenient:)