Where would you eat your breakfast at? And what would you be doing during your eating time?

Orhan U.
Normally I'd eat my breakfast at home, especially on weekends. As for what I'd say be doing depends on what I need to get done on said day,if I have free time or not. Nomarl cases are just eating while enjoying something I like.
Caridad G.
Outside on my patio if the weather permits. I'd only eat. Being wholly present while you eat, helps satiation and satisfaction. Allows gratitude to be seeded in our hearts and minds for meals not many have the luxury of saying they can have, or know where the next one is coming from. May you switch from self hating diet mentality to conscious gratitude of the only life you have.
Rafaela F.
I think it's best if you eat breakfast at home cause it's healthier and more comfy, and the only thing I do during eating is recalling study lessons, tasks, important things etc