About how many calories is considered a good breakfast

Jane N.
About 300 calories. Protein is what will carry you through the day and eggs are a good source. Also make sure you have fiber. I eat two boiled eggs and some fruit like a banana, strawberries, mango or blueberries. I will switch to a bowl of oatmeal with some ham or bacon.
Yvonne Z.
I don't count calories and never will. If the food is good healthy food, and I am not distracted (by tv) I know when to stop eating
Korinna Z.
Google says our body needs 500 calories but personally I don't count it. I'll try to pay more attention on this to have the better energy in my day
Magdalena X.
I do not really know the answer, maybe you could contact some specialist who will explain you more and creat the plan that fits your needs, there are a lot of factors that should be considered (hight, weight, the phisical activity, male/female,…), each person has unique body and different lifestyle.
Sarah N.
I don’t think there’s a perfect answer for this question. I think most health experts say 300-400 calories. I would argue though what you eat for breakfast is more important than how many calories it holds. While they could have similar caloric counts, having an omelette with veggies and a protein source is going to keep your body much happier in terms of hunger than a donut.
Chloe P.
I don’t count calories at meals, but I would say around 300-400. The most important rule to go by though, is to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Also remember to eat
Krista F.
For me, 300 to 400 calories gives me the energy I need to start my day, but everyone is different of course. What’s more important is listening to your body and eating just enough so you feel satisfied, but not stuffed.
Susanna R.
About 500 calories. But most importantly. That the food has good fat exp. avocado and has plenty of protein, cottage cheese, beans, chicken, eggs
Diane Q.
I think 500 is good amount of calories for the morning and as you continue eating for the rest of the day you can eat another 500-700 calories and try to eat at least 1000-2000 calories a day. Depending on weight goals and how much your caloric intake should be based on weight.
Clifford N.
If you are eating all the nutrients yur body needs, there is no need for you to be counting calories. Choose foods that are high density foods such as green vegetables and you will feel fuller for longer rather than processed foods. Make sure you have fruits with your breakfast also. A great breakfast is porridge paired with some greens and fruits.
Sam Q.
This depends on your weight and hunger level but should be healthy choice. Around 350 calories, which would focus on protein and fiber, such as fruit and nuts, oatmeal and fruit, or lean protein and eggs.
Margot X.
Don't worry about it, you can eat a healthy and strong breakfast, add always your favorite protein and some fruits, remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I hope i've helped!
Nevaeh I.
I'm not a big calorie counter but I love food, and I live my body. Id say about 1300 or less is a good weekend breakfast. But not if you're trying to watch your weight.
Kayla A.
Well because of differences in height and weight it can vary but between 200-500 is good for an active or sedentary lifestyle. I normally eat around 300 though.
Gina Z.
I honestly have no idea. I don't figure out my breakfast by calories. I do figure it out by protein, fruits, grains, etc. I somehow have never been a calorie person, but more of what food works for my body/me, e.g., what makes me feel light/heavy, energetic/dull, hyper/sluggish. Calories – – I feel anyway are only part of the picture.