What breakfast should a person take who wants to lose weight and can’t do heavy exercise?

Ananya Z.
I think the food intakes and preferences depend from person-to-person.

For me example, I prefer to drink only coffee before I begin my work at 7:30am. Later on, around 12pm if am very hungry I'd perhaps eat two toasts (either with jam or butter) or grapes (or fruit salad). During the whole day, I consume a lot of cold water.

And yes, I also cannot do heavy exercise but I'd like to maintain a diet in my recent "Homeoffice" mode, so that I can keep a check on my weight. 😊

Fen Sia G.
Breakfast should consist of protein as the main ingridient. No matter if someone is working out or not, protein keeps you full longer. I would suggest eggs in a toast with some parmezan and turkey or a banana & peanut butter smoothie.

Bryanna I.
Overnight oats with almond milk or oat milk, honey and cinnamon. Help get your digestive track moving and keep you energized. Try taking a nice walk afterwards

Logan Q.
An apple, banana or fruit on the go. Oatmeal is also a great source of energy and nutrients. Fish is great for omega 3 and fatty acids. Lots of water! Don’t forget nuts and dried fruit too.

Ricardo Y.
A light breakfast with iron bit make sure it’s low on fat, make sure to enjoy it, you don’t want to force it. You should always start your day with a good nutritional breakfast!

Maeve O.
If you’re looking for specific recipes or advice about macros or food groups there’s plenty of detailed advice available for free around the Internet- it’s just a matter of doing wide research. But when it comes to losing weight I do know a few things: (1) throughout the day you should be at a calorie deficit (this is straight science, and the only way you’ll lose weight), (2) carby breakfasts are going to give you the energy you need to start the day (but make sure they’re good quality and high fibre) and (3) it should be satiating as that’s what’s going to stop you from overeating at lunchtime or snacking throughout the day. Honestly just good old muesli and fruit ticks all of these, you can’t go wrong. Stay away from sugary cereals though.

Lucia C.
I make a breakfast that I really like a lot so every morning I ma happy to start in this way. I eat milk with coffee and hard bread. I like The salted taste of bread with milk

Briana Z.
Instead of 3 big meals a day you should eat 5 small meals a dat. It will keep your metabolism working harder. As for breakfast, lots of protien like eggs, almonds, raisins. Also bananas are very good too. Breakfast is really the most important. Its what yoir body is going to process throughout your day.

Hermelinda P.
I am no expert in this, but I would recommend to avoid even little amounts of junk food (it gets you pimples too!) And eat lots of fruits, I personally love mixing some apple, rice milk, honey, chia seeds (they are really good for your hair!) And a little bit of cinnamon. It's really good and leaves you full, but if you are still hungry I would recommend some low-sugar/proteic pancakes with honey or jam.

Myriam V.
I would recommend contacting a dietitian or a nutritionist that can work with your personal needs to tailor your meals. I know a few that meet through video chat (which is helpful given the pandemic). My mom is a nutritionist so I asked her your question. She says that broadly speaking, a protein rich diet can help make you feel full/satisfied for longer so you snack less and eat at the right times. She recommendeds lean meats, low-fat dairy products like panela or cottage cheese. You can grill panela cheese or drizzle it with honey or pair it with avocado. Honestly its great many ways. For breakfasts particularly, it depends if you're the kind of person that likes starting the morning with something sweet or something salty. For sweet you can do fruit smoothies without adding sugar. You can substitute sugar with agave syrup or some drops of pure stevia. For salty you can do toast/bagel/biscuit/english muffin with avocado or hummus or panela or cottage cheese or halumi and veggies on top like tomatoes. Eggs or egg whites are also a great source of protein! Boiled or poached are better since they don't use oil. From personal experience oatmeal with banana slices (maybe a spoonful of peanut butter mixed in while its still hot) is very filling! Also drink a lot of water! It can make you feel full! Best wishes on your journey.😊

Micheal Q.
Regardless of heavy or light exercise, you still need food to fuel your body for exercise. A breakfast of predominantly carbs and a bit of protein before a workout is best, like oats or eggs on toast. Our bodies use carbohydrates as our preferred energy source and you need energy to workout, heavy or not!
followed by something post workout that has predominantly protein and a few carbs, like a protein shake. Carbs aid in how the protein is absorbed. In terms of losing weight. You simply need to be a calorie deficit. Fat loss=calorie deficit. No way around it

Sammy E.
Oatmeal is going to be your best friend.
Buy a big cylinder of One-Minute Oats, some maple syrup, and some blueberries.

After you drink your water in the morning, turn on the hit water kettle and scoop half a cup of oats into a bowl.
(i usually prepare a cup of tea now too)
When the water is heated, pour some over the oats, just enough to cover them, and head to the fridge for your blueberries.
By the time you finish rinsing your berries, the oats have hydrated and they are ready for your berries and a little drizzle of maple syrup.
Mix it all together and enjoy!

Very quick, affordable, and healthy!

Kyra U.
I would eat a light breakfast consisting of low fat yoghurt, fruit and a small amount of granola.

Sometimes I’ll eat a whole mango which pretty much fills me up.

I would also opt for eggs, bacon (fat trimmed), spaghetti and 2 hash browns for when I want a treat but I’m still being mindful.

Nadja U.
I’m not a doctor, but things that are high in protein/good vitamins and low in carbs maybe. So try things like eggs (hard boiled is my favorite and it’s minimal effort), avocados, oatmeal.

Francis Y.
Avoid sugar because most foods already have enough sugar that your body needs think of it as a treat then a necessity. Cut out sodas complete and replace with lemonade or pomegranate juice or smoothies. Smoothies are a great quick breakfast use fruit and veggies you like and maybe even add some peanut butter. You can also make toast and put a spread on it such as avocado or hummus or peanut butter. You can also just eat fruits but the most important thing is to remember to be creative and drink water