I have read that waiting to eat breakfast later helps build insulin resistance and weight loss/control. Is the eat breakfast habit out dated?

Sam E.
That’s a great question! My personal answer is that breakfast is better eaten earlier. During the night, your body is essentially fasting, because of the lower intake of energy, operations and metabolism slow. The intake of calories in the morning trigger the body’s response to get metabolism and other operations back up and running. If large breakfasts concern you though, I like to sometimes split in two. I’ll eat a piece of fruit and drink some tea before exercising, and then afterwards (within 30 minutes) I can finish it up with some yogurt or a bagel. It’s entirely up to you though. If you have insulin concerns though, I would ask a doctor or nutritionist as to what the best routine for you would be.

Brent F.
Nope not at all, I eat breakfast every morning and it gives me more energy to do stuff and it leaves me more full so I don't over eat

Keira O.
Honestly, being a personal trainer, eating breakfast is super important it allows you to start your day strong with energy and so many other things! Starving doesn’t help with weight loss in order to lose weight the safest and healthiest way is to eat but of course eating the right things

Sara U.
No of course. I took this little habit some time ago and i found out all the improvements for the body and the brain during the day and now i can't do nothing without a good breakfast.

Kate N.
I would say to eat breakfast when you are hungry. Listen to your body. I would recommend to drink water before every meal. It really helps your metabolism get going. 💕

Jacqueline E.
Definitely not! It will actually lower your metabolism if you skip breakfast. Even just having a banana as soon as you wake up will kickstart you metabolism and a load of fibre (something like museli) will keep you feeling full longer and less likely to snack. Breakfast is so important for healthy weight management!

Seth G.
Hi, I have been reading a bit about this and I haven’t heard anything about later breakfasts creating insulin resistance. In fact all the information I see says that earlier the better. The perfect time is between 6.45 and 9 (evidence found 7.11am to be the perfect time) obviously I don’t know for sure but a big healthy breakfast with healthy fats and veg or fruit sets you up for the day.

Elsbeth O.
No, it is not outdated. I think intermittent fasting is a new fad diet. For example from my personal experience; I would not eat breakfast most days from my teens to mid twenties and I had a problem with being overweight. I think regarding diets and the way we eat is not “one size fits all”, some things work for some people while for others it doesn’t, you need to find what works with you. About weight loss equation is simple: you need to spend more calories than what you put in yourself. If the ratio is the same you will maintain your body wight. If you eat more calories than what you spend, you will gain weight.

Samuel S.
Breakfast helps your charge your body with the fuel it needs for the day ahead. It helps you concentrate and gives you energy to engage in the day.

Ildefonso S.
I'm not sure but I think its a no cause eating a healthy breakfast can kick ur energy to the top so its good to keep it in ir dated

Aiesha N.
Personally, I have never attend breakfast. I always woke up to head off to school, I think time management is big crisis today.
If we knew to better manage time, of course the ideal time to eat would be in the morning.
But we wake up tired, and go to sleep tired…

Astrid O.
An early and healthy breakfast is good for kick-starting the metabolism and have a good start of the day. If your main goal is weight loss than aiming for a late breakfast and an early dinner would be the way to go.

Deodora Q.
I think that eating breakfast is a personal choice, there is no medical evidence to suggest that it helps build insulin resistance, and the only way it may help you lose weight is by decreasing the window of time in which you eat. Thereby making you consume less calories. What it does do for you however, is make you get out of bed and DO/MAKE something first thing which for me is always a massive boost to continue being productive for the rest of my day