What are some unique but quick breakfast ideas to boost energy?

Renata C.
I would make the traditional eggs with toast but with avocados and a chicken fillet so that its different but fulfilling and healthy! Quick to make plus its veryy delicious.

Charlotte G.
I love having a good smoothie in the morning. You can make them the night before or in the morning if you have the time. I feel like fruits and veggies make me instantly awake, which coffee could never, it just makes my heart beat faster.

Sandro S.
Oats are my go to.
Overnight oats soaked in fat free greek style natural yogurt plus your fruit of choice.
Or how about two bananas mashed, stir in 1 cup of oats and add dried fruit or chocolate. Divide into 6 portions on a baking tray. Bake for 12-18 minutes at 350

Bethany N.
Protein, whole grain, complex carbs. Peanut butter toast, Greek yogurt and granola, or eggs are always good options. Just try and stay away from simple carbs

Ellen Z.
I'm from Scotland so it has to be porridge! Mix one cup of oats one cup of milk and one cup of water in the pot and heat for 5 minutes. Its full of slow burning carbs so keeps you going all morning. Old people like to have it with salt, trendy people with honey or berries. I have mine with sweatened soya milk. I honestly couldn't live without it.

Oscar X.
i toast 2 slices of bread with butter, spread half an avocado between both slices and salt it to taste. i also eat a bowl of fruit and a glass of apple juice

Lindalva E.
I know this is a wierd recepie , but this is my little secret,as u may say…,.So my idea of an quick,healthy and easy breakfast is a bowl of rice topped with alot of all-freash vegetable salad.To make it more better i drink king-coconut juice,it optional but tasty.Try it if u can,it has helped me wonders.😉😊❤️

A Da T.
Some dates, a source of caffeine tea or coffee, egg omelette and some vegetables , melted cheese with tomatoes and peppers, seasoned beans, corn or oat flakes, yogurt and some fruits like grapes, bananas, apricots and apples. You can mix any of these choices together to have a great and healthy breakfast.

Briar N.
Some energy boosting breakfasts I like to eat are a banana fibre smoothie, egg, fruit, toast with peanut butter and other stuff like that.

Catriona G.
Goose fat Fried eggs and bacon with asparagus, avavado and balsamic vinegar. Plenty of celtic salt if it's hot or I've been physically active.

Nic F.
I like to have houmous in my breakfast. It never fails to satisfy my taste buds and keeps me going until lunch time easily. I usually have houmous on pumpkin ryvita with a slice of ham lettuce and tomato. And when they are in season I will also have six rasperries and six strawberries on the side

Lydia Z.
One of my favorite things to make is egg cups, they are like mini omelets. I put them in a muffin pan to bake them then freeze the batches. Every morning I'll grab one or 2, microwave them and it's good to go. Quick, easy, full of protein and customizable to everyone in the family.