I don’t like to eat in the morning because I wake up really early. Do you have any advice?

Bobby Q.
I almost always wake up feeling hungry. So i usually like to have breakfast as soon as i get up to start my days. My challenge to not eating good breakfast is due to poor discipline and indulging in screen time

Ga Tan T.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it sets up your hormones for the rest of the day to come. What time you eat breakfast doesn’t really matter though. Eat when your body tells you it’s ready and make that meal healthy.

Mathilde V.
I wake up early too. What I do is drink water, meditate, and exercise. If I still have enough time, I create a to-do list of the day. Then, it will be just in time to prepare my breakfast and eat a great meal!

Valmira Z.
I hate force feeding as well! So I'll try to do a shake instead, or push off breakfast until my body calls for food. But I'd caution you because you dont want your energy reserves to deplete and then leave you in a slump. It's much harder to get out of that dip in energy than to maintain the momentum

Maria F.
It was hard to eat in the morning for me, too. But skipping the breakfast is not an option: pretty soon (1-1.5 hours) body starts demanding fast sugars. Pushing yourself to eat full size breakfast is the way. And as all habbits, start small: eat one more egg or one more portion of vegetables. Later you can extend it.

Kim N.
Remember that a good breakfast is an essential part of your day. If you live with your parents, ask them to make you breakfast for for a while, until you've gotten into the habit of eating, then slowly ease into cooking your own breakfast.

Anton P.
Start with a light smoothie (prepared the night before) or meal replacement drink and start drinking it while doing something else like reading the news or brushing your hair. I personally like cacao Soylent for this.

Naomi Q.
If this question comes from not having time to eat because you wake up early, i could suggest hard boiling eggs ahead of time/having fruit ready/etc to cut back on time it takes to prep food in the morning.
However if it comes from a place where your stomach hurts/is queasy/can't handle food early in the morning, then my advice is to experiment . I have dealt with that before and foumd bananas helped soothe my stomach some in the morning so I had eaten something, and then I packed a snack to eat between waking up and lucnch when my stomach could better handle food. I found ginger ale can help. Some cereals i could eat dry and they didn't make me queasy.
If you just dont like to eat that early, my best advice is to pack a snack (some nuts, yogurt, a granola bar, etc) to eat later on when you feel like you could eat 🙂 I hope some of this helps!

Luciara Q.
I am up at 4:30 am as I am at work by 5:30. I like to take some fresh fruit to eat a bit later in the morning. I have been intermittent fasting so I only eat between 11 am and 6 pm so this works well for me

Roy T.
You didn't say you don't eat because you're not hungry so I assume you're hungry at some point after you wake up. Listen to your body and eat at that point regardless of how the world defines what's morning and what's early.

Jerome J.
I usually run super short on time in the mornings (I also get up early) I found that those jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches (or any kind really) are SUPER helpful in having a super quick energy boosting breakfast! You just take them out of the fridge and pop them in the microwave for 1 minute and you can eat them on the go too! Another nice thing, if you like eggs, is to either make a sunny side up egg on bread (takes about 5-10 minutes) or have some pre hard boiled eggs stored in the fridge for those really really rushed mornings.

Mario U.
i feel your pain, i don’t like it too. but i find method that work. you can divide the breakfast, and start with something you like. for example, i love sweets and coffee, so i start every day with one french toast slice and small cup of coffee. after half hour i start having my breakfast. this method works to up Your appetite. if your problem is making the breakfast prepare your ingredients before going to sleep. sometimes i make pancakes and leave it frozen, so i can have it when i want without preparing. i hope this will work for you.if not i hope you find the help you need.

Mathys E.
Not being hungry in the morning can be a gift in that it is easier to eat really healthy. Look at breakfast like taking a vitamin.

Sebastian A.
Do what makes your body happy. If you are not hungry because you wake up very early don’t eat right away. Do pack a healthy snack/breakfast to have later on in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism and keep you satisfied until lunch.

Maurice W.
You could try butter coffee. It will give you some sustained energy and blunt the caffeine. This should buy you some time before you need to eat breakfast. Recommend throwing the coffee and butter into a blender to get a creamy texture.

Noah B.
Maybe you can eat something small but nutritional, like a power bar or müsli, it is small and can give you a good energy boost

Traia S.
I used to be like you but everyones needs to have a great breakfast so my advice is to pack a breakfast in your bag that you will bring with you at work when you’re hungry ask if you can have a break and eat !

Lya N.
I don't really have any advice for that. I think that people should eat when they feel comfortable eating. It makes the experience much more pleasant in my opinion.

Louis E.
it is the same thing with me, what i like to do is bring a something healthy with me to school or work, like a granola bar or fruits or something, and i tried to start eating it a little earlier each day until i could eat a breakfast. Now i eat it every morning because i just got into the habit of still eating something at least each morning. if that doesn’t work out for you, i’d suggest keep doing the snack thing, but instead have a healthy larger lunch

Diana T.
Wait 30 minutes, eat something small, and also what works well for me is to stop eating before 7 or 8pm the night before so that I’m actually hungry in the morning

Mia I.
For me I get up early and get ready for work, but I don't have breakfast until I'm at the Train Station on my way to work.

Calvin P.
Think of healthy food that you like and look for easy recipes that you can prepare the night before. I used to get really early and have a fruit and coffee or tea before leaving to work and the havin breakfast at work

Thea X.
Hi, thank for the question.

"It's best to listen to your body. If you are hungry first thing, nourish your body. If you are more of a late riser, then eat when your body tells you it's ready for food," explains dietitian Elizabeth Ann Shaw. "Listening to your internal cues is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

I have the same issue, but it really isn't a bad thing.
I wake up every morning and drink "the cup of water" then I go on to make my coffee and workout, and whenever I feel like it I prepare my breakfast and eat. If you're still not hungry by the time you leave for work etc., just prepare your meal and take it along. There's nothing wrong with having a schedule like this, the only challenge is to remember to update Fabulous… It doesn't effect weight loss or any other aspect of your health. Just make sure not to starve yourself, because this may cause to eat more later when you finally eat.

Good luck and hearty appetite! 😊

Eve Y.
I don't usually either. I like to drink my water and get some exercise first. But, honestly, many days I skip breakfast. I like to get up early, and I'm not hungry until about 11. I try to then eat something high in protein with a fruit or vegetable.

Marin P.
You are one of the lucky ones! Waking up early gives you plenty of time to prepare any type of breakfast. Most of the healthy ones do not take more than 5-10min of preperation. Think about it this way, the earlier you wake up, the lengthier your start of day is which is the most important period part od the day, breakfast and morning ritual

Signe P.
Try and start off small eg start with a fruit like an apple or banana,these are energy fuel fruits so they will kick start your digestive system to give you an appetite . As well you can try protein bars or a smoothie like I said start with something small then your appetite will gradually build up throughout the day

Sebastian N.
Consider waiting until you are ready to eat. Some people choose to intermittent fasting eating only one meal a day. If you're not ready to eat when you get up, eat when you are ready.

Joaquina G.
Well if you don't eat in the morning you won't have enough energy for the day. Cause, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Its okay if you don't want to, but, if you can, please do so.😊

Lia Q.
I also don’t like to eat right when I wake up. I like to think of that as an opportunity to make a really good breakfast on days when I have time, or I make a mobile breakfast on days when I don’t, such as smoothies with added protein, overnight oats soaked in almond milk, or granola with maple syrup and Greek yogurt.

Nathan F.
Try drinking some green tea. This will get your metabolism going and wake up your stomach. Or try an easy on the go option like a smoothie. If breakfast just isn’t your thing, look into intermittent fasting. It sounds like you might already have the schedule for it.

Albina F.
Even you wake up early you should still have your breakfast because your body is already exhausted after 8 hours of your sleep

H Lder Y.
I feel the same way! I usually have a small snack in the morning because I don’t like to eat anything heavy that early, but I make sure to eat something a little more substantial midmorning so that I don’t overeat at lunch.

Allen Q.
Eat some thing small and sweet that you can't take with you. Like watermelon 🍉 or tea 🍵 or yogurt with granola. Than take some kind a sandwich and eat it a little bit later.
The idea is to start the body going and for that you don't neen much. I personally drink tea the minute I wake up and then get organized, so 40 minutes later I'd be able to eat breakfast before I go.

Douglas Y.
That's not a bad thing at all. Consider first meal of your day as breakfast. Of course, don't wait till it's lunch time, otherwise it'll be brunch and u might eat more than you suppose to. Going to the root cause here, try to maintain sleep cycle, early bed and early morning. Although I know it's not easy but maybe 10 mins early at a time.

Troy X.
This is perfect for intermittent fasting! Save all your eating for a 4-8 hour window. Fasting has great benefits: general wellbeing, focus/ clarity, revitalization of cells and not to mention weight loss if that's a goal. Don't worry, you aren't starving yourself as you are supposed to eat your full days worth of food, just in a feeding window.

Lea A.
Grab something small to ease into breakfast. I suggest a nutritious drinks like a Smoothie you can sip on until your metabolism wakes up

Clyde O.
Try eating a light dinner so that you wake up hungry. Also plan your break fast for the next morning the night before, making sure it's something that you will look forward to eating. Try changing the meal up as much as possible so that you don't get bored with eating just one thing. These work for me when I'm just not feeling like breakfast.
You can also pack your breakfast at night If you wake up early and leave the house, and carry and eat it at school/work/wherever go. Good luck!

Jar U.
It is not a compulsion to eat early in the morning. Just have a glass of water as soon as you wake up.. eating after an hour so would be great. But make sure that you don't eat your breakfast tooo late.

Sol Ne C.
It’s fine to eat breakfast a few hours later if you really aren’t hungry when you wake up.Just make sure it’s healthy and hearty, and that you’re not skipping any meals.
You can also try starting with a small snack of nuts, fruit or plain yoghurt after you get up, then have a more substantial meal a bit later.

Nanna C.
Honestly, the easiest way for you to eat breakfast with out having to worry about the time is to boil some eggs or make a smoothie the night before so you can take it on the go! For me, sometimes, right when I wake up I may not have enough time today so I just take a water , eggs I boiled the night before and a fruit. It's kind of like bringing lunch to school when you were a kid. Prepare yourself for the next day and put it on a list saying I have to grab the eggs (or the other food you bring of your choice ), and everything for me to eat for breakfast. Make it a habit and keep practicing.

Loreen F.
I totally understand, try a smoothie ir a single piece of fruit along with your water bottle. The sweetness is usually welcome to the palette this early and you have something healthy in your tummy for calories.

Fredi T.
If you’d prefer to not wake up even earlier to make breakfast, a good solution might be to meal prep several breakfasts at once. Cold breakfast foods as key here. Overnight oats with chia seeds and fruit are a great choice. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, frozen berries, granola are other great choices that can be combined a few days in advance and keep well in the fridge. Good luck!

Oscar E.
Getting nutrients into your body right away is important because it helps stabilize your blood sugars and get your body working. If you don't want to eat something try making a smoothie or a shake with a good quality meal replacement powder or protein powder. A balanced breakfast can be a huge improvement to your cognitive and physical functioning for the rest of the day and help you make healthier choices for lunch and dinner.

Frederik A.
Could you make a smoothie and drink it at your leisure? I find that cold things are usually easier to eat when you don't have an appetite. You also can drink this slowly.

Maja W.
Just don't! Drink enough water, coffee and tea and set a fixed time when you do want to eat. Look into intermettend fasting, it can have many benefits not to eat too early and too late !

Ang Lica E.
I'm the same way. I like to use the small jelly sized mason jars that hold 1/4 cup, and fill them in advance with almonds. The portion is just right, and they're easy to grab and take along. Another option is to make egg cups…look online for the recipe that suits your tastes, but it's essentially scrambled eggs with some yummy things added in, made all at once in muffin tins in the oven. They're small, protein packed, and perfectly easy to grab before you run out the door. My third go to is those single serving peanut butter packets…keep a few in your bag for the days you forget to grab something else and you'll be all set.

Daisy X.
My husband is the same way. I think eating breakfast when you get hungry even if it isn’t right away is ok! I know the app doesn’t allow for that, but making it work for you will help more in the long run! Drinking water and exercising can happen without breakfast.

Jacob W.
Make overnight oats!! Plan it out the night before .. you can even make a couple ahead of time for at least three days, grab and go and relish in the amazing level of energy you get when you do have energy from eating in the morning. It's addicting and will make you want to always start the day off right.

Jucelaine I.
I think the best thing to do in that case would be to drink a glass of water and work out. If you have enough time to make the workout a little hard, all the better – it will use a lot of energy which should eventually make you hungry (the tiredness would disappear after a shower).
If you're still not hungry after that, and feel like you can start working – that's perfectly fine. Some people don't ear breakfast and as long as you don't feel you're out of energy too soon it's ok to skip breakfast.

If you do run out of energy, I would suggest to just eat something light and easy to prepare – a scrambled egg would be a good idea. Another option I could think of is to take an apple or another fruit with you and eat it when you start to run out of energy.

Levi S.
You can eat later in the morning, once it feels like a more “acceptable” hour to eat. Until then, drink water to start your day. They say lemon in warm water is good in the morning to kickstart your body!

Beverley O.
In my opinion it’s not the exact time that matters. I myself prefer to wait for an hour or two before eating, so I guess you can do the same? If it’s possible for you to take an early break at work, maybe you can eat a couple of hours after getting up?
I must admit I don’t know the experts’ take on this issue, but to me, the most important thing is, that you actually eat.
So get out of bed, get ready, get to work, and get eating 🙂

Stella E.
I don't either but I find that making the foods as simple as possible is key.

Start small and go from there. Maybe a small green smoothie or breakfast bar would be better

Lena Z.
In my experience, back when I would wake up early and not want to eat, I would put more habits before eat breakfast, that way I have more time to get hungry. Hope this helps!

Sandra S.
Hello buddy, drink water preferably Soda the moment you wake up. After that do Exercise, then eat healthy food that is good for you sufficiently. I prefer Oats with fruits and flax seed powder as well as a protein bar.