What kind of things do you eat? Do you mix it up?

Nick U.
Half a sausage mixed with scrambled eggs usually and then some corn ir beet on the side. That is the default go to each morning. If i have some fruits, i have those after.

Harley T.
I often struggle with eating in the morning because I have a sensitive stomach. I have found that bagels with cream cheese and toast with jam are the best way for me to go. If I’m having a good morning, I love to eat a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich (with cheese of course, as well as a little Mayo).

Tommy U.
For the three day challenge the first day I made scrambled eggs, tomatoes, peaches, and two different breads. Second day dragon fruit, peaches and toast. final day strawberries, bananas, and a english muffin. i try to mix it up each day because i’m the type of person to get tired of it. the idea of a good start will become bland and not worth it. so coming up with something to eat gets my brain working.

Susie J.
I like it eat sausages I’m the morning but i don’t have that often so it’s usually from fruit, bread and coffee since it’s quick and easy since i have a baby to watch

Arlene Q.
In the morning, i sometimes eat rice with egg or something that is available. But there are also times that i prefer to eat bread or biscuits and just a water.

During lunch, i always eat rice with something that is available on the table. Sometimes it's veggies, meat, and canned.

I eat a lot during dinner coz we eat together. And by just looking at my family eat makes me wanna eat more.

Aquira A.
I start of my day with cereal, preferably weetbix with honey and bananas in it, or uncle toby’s cereal (all of them). I eat a lot of fish and chicken for lunch. Dinner I eat chips or spaghetti. I drink water only, and eat snacks like biscuits.

Ilija X.
I eat healthy for the most part but I have a tendency to binge eat chocolate or whatever I’m craving at the time which isn’t good at all, but generally I have a balanced breakfast and a portion of whatever my mom is serving. I don’t consume lactose or white bread